Monday, 27 September 2021

The BEST VR Headset in the WORLD - I CAN'T GO BACK!

quote [ This is the Varjo XR3, legit the best VR and XR headset I have ever used. Some of my experiences in this video could be categorized as a life changing experience, especially in the Virtual World. This was one of the coolest devices I have ever used. I want to thank Foxguard solutions for letting me borrow this headset for a while to make a video. ]

I really, really, really, really want to try one of these. The Varjo headsets keep getting better and better.

Humble Bundle is running their Fall VR Bundle with some decent games.

Fanatical also has a VR bundle which is really good given how inexpensive it is.

Gamer beware, ultra-realistic VR is a philosophical minefield for humanity

Should VR become ultra-realistic? We asked a philosopher.

Review | An important project somewhat marred by its execution: the Corning Museum's VR recreation of a lost glass drawing room in a London palace

The virtual reality programme remakes Robert Adam's 18th-century interior works and can be view on the best-selling Oculus Quest 2 headset

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mechanical contrivance said @ 2:31pm GMT on 28th Sep
VR is going to become ultra-realistic whether it should or not.
steele said @ 3:22pm GMT on 28th Sep
endopol said @ 9:53pm GMT on 28th Sep
Super last minute, but there are 90 spots left as of 2:50 Pacific time:

AWE Debate: Metaverse or Shmetaverse
snowfox said @ 5:15am GMT on 2nd Oct
I looked up the retail on those andโ€“

Jesustittyfuckingchrist! o_o

These are $5,500. Which I could easily afford if I didn't love cute animals and have other hobbies. But holy shit I can barely convince myself to spend $500 on a regular console.

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