Monday, 6 September 2021

Arkansas jail inmates say they were unknowingly given unproven COVID-19 treatment ivermectin

quote [ "We never knew that they were running experiments on us, giving us ivermectin. We never knew that," one inmate told CBS News. ]

Oh I'm mad. So mad. This is bullshit. Cmon, COME ON.

Goddammnit, I don't have much to add apart from rage.
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Dienes said @ 11:42am GMT on 6th Sep [Score:2]
So the people who think the vaccines are a ethics code violation did an *actual* ethics code violation.

Can't say I'm surprised.
mechanical contrivance said @ 4:41am GMT on 7th Sep
It was on prisoners, though, so it's ok.
steele said @ 1:57pm GMT on 6th Sep [Score:1 Underrated]
steele said[1] @ 1:49pm GMT on 6th Sep
We can just add it to the very long list of other ways America abuses its prison population at this point.

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