Friday, 9 April 2021

Be a VR giant and swat at PC players like pests in Davigo

quote [ Davigo begs the question: why didn't this exist already? It's an asymmetric multiplayer game in which one player in a VR headset attempts to swipe and slam up to four tiny, nimble players on desktop computers, who each wield rocket launchers. It plays with scale in ways that look like glorious fun. ]

For Steele. Also, if you have no VR tech, you can still play blinking games with your webcam.
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cb361 said @ 9:57pm GMT on 9th Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
Look, I'm into computers and computer games because I don't have any friends. This kind of thing is a taunt.
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:20am GMT on 10th Apr
As are board games.
cb361 said @ 10:36am GMT on 10th Apr
Board games are sarcastic fuckers.

Look, if you have a racially and sexually diverse group of grinning friends, don't gather them together in a room and pretend that they're squirrels trying to steal your acorns. Take them to an orgy instead.
mechanical contrivance said @ 5:50pm GMT on 10th Apr
Or you could play a sex board game.
arrowhen said @ 5:37pm GMT on 11th Apr
Instructions unclear, dick stuck in pop-o-matic bubble.
steele said @ 5:13pm GMT on 9th Apr
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I've got a couple of asynchronous VR games, but not that one.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! - Official Launch Trailer [4K]

Acron is really fun and I highly recommend it. I ended up having dreams about squirrels trying to steal my junk tho.😅 We were able to stream it over zoom, so that worked out with the whole quarantine thing.

Reiko's Fragments: Launch Trailer

This was actually pretty freaking scary. Creepy as hell jump scares, not quite as interactive as Acron, but still cool.

Takelings Gameplay Trailer

Only got to play this once, but it was pretty fun.

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