Sunday, 17 January 2021

Natty Light Has Created The ‘World’s Most Expensive Piece Of Art’ In Grand Central Station

quote [ Dubbed ‘Da Vinci of Debt’, the beer-sponsored art installation is made up of 2,600 college diplomas ]

Never would have expecting this kind of compelling art from this source.
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rylex said @ 3:24am GMT on 17th Jan
most expensive? aren't college diplomas worthless now adays?
mechanical contrivance said @ 4:37am GMT on 17th Jan
They're very expensive to get.
Hugh E. said @ 5:08am GMT on 17th Jan
Surely, your very expensive college degree taught you the difference between cost and value.
cb361 said[1] @ 9:54am GMT on 17th Jan
I think America is desperately trying to find a way to return to a slave economy. Must be something in its DNA.

Maybe you should just cut through all the suppressed societal intention and racial baggage, and just hold a lottery when everybody, rich and poor, turns eighteen. If your name comes up, you're the legal property of a corporation. Seems like it would be fairer and save time.
Hugh E. said @ 8:28pm GMT on 17th Jan
Like the military draft? Because there were definitely not any racial or economic disparities there.

Better to make everyone the legal property of a corporation, and that corporation be all of us.
mechavolt said @ 8:53pm GMT on 17th Jan
The military is a weird beast. As an organization, it is one of the most racially diverse out there. But this really only applies to the enlisted ranks. There, you'll see significant representation of multiple minority groups, and in positions of authority as well. But move to the commissioned officers, and it's a homogenous white ruling class.
cb361 said @ 1:07pm GMT on 18th Jan
Yeah, but I wasn't being serious. Just pointing out that the US has an impetus towards this form of society (slavery/Jim Crow, crippling student debt, crippling medical debt, foreign adventurism, gerrymandering, private prisons, etc) rather than away from it.
cb361 said @ 1:09pm GMT on 18th Jan
You could claim that a photograph of an aircraft carrier cost thirteen billion dollars, but that's kind of logic-chopping

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