Sunday, 10 January 2021

Difference between Dems and Repubs on blame for assault of Capitol

quote [ A majority (55%) say that President Trump is “a great deal to blame” for the actions of those who charged the Capitol, with another 11% saying he is “somewhat to blame” … Biden is the biggest culprit in the eyes of Republicans, at 52%, compared to 28% for Donald Trump and 26% for the Congressional Republicans who opposed certification of the election results. ]

There are consistent results in a separate PBS NewsHour-Marist poll.
Is Trump to blame?
.................YES NO
Independents 62 35
Republicans....30 69
The same event can be seen so differently, just because of one’s political beliefs
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mechavolt said @ 11:53pm GMT on 10th Jan [Score:1 Funsightful]
45% of Republicans approve of the attempted coup. 55% blame fucking Biden for it.

I'm increasingly feeling that there is no hope for this country. This isn't a localized bit of cancer that needs to be surgically removed. The country has fucking ebola at this point. Only something drastic and extreme can possibly fix this.
Neophyte said[1] @ 12:41pm GMT on 11th Jan [Score:2]
So that means about 20% of republicans approve of Bidens attempted coup. I would not have predicted that.
conception said @ 11:51pm GMT on 10th Jan
This seems insane, but there seems to be a floor on presidential approval ratings - 20-25% is as low as it goes. Trump has had 30-35% of R's approval on lock down since he was nominated. And that's basically untouchable ground.

I think the thing that blows me away is people blaming things on Biden. But then again, people will post pictures of riots during 2020 and say things like, "This is what America will look like under Biden!" missing the point that it -is- what America looks like under Trump.
steele said @ 2:11am GMT on 11th Jan

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