Thursday, 31 December 2020

Welcome To Blendini City – Explore The Neighborhoods!

quote [ Blendini City is a place that came from my imagination, but it feels very real to me. The buildings are all alive with many different personalities, behaviors, and outlooks. I love my city of the future. I truly do believe that the future doesn’t need to be bleak, overly techno-narcissistic, and should celebrate humanity. ]

Drawings imitating a thought-up Philadelphia in great depth. This is not the first imaginative city project I've seen, but it looks interesting enough. Features a commentary as introduction.
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[by Paracetamol@4:54pmGMT]


endopol said @ 5:42pm GMT on 1st Jan
Supposing this was a sexual fetish, what would it be called? Asking for a friend.
Paracetamol said[1] @ 8:25pm GMT on 1st Jan

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