Tuesday, 2 July 2019


quote [ Hundreds of mountain goats in Olympic National Park, WA have become so addicted to the salt found in human urine and sweat that they are an aggressive menace to national park visitors, charging at hikers and trampling vegetation. They have a taste for salt and minerals in human urine, and sweat on clothes and backpacks, according to officials.

The solution to this problem? Airlift 375 of the non-native grumpy animals to more remote areas closer to their natural habitat [in the Cascades] where they will be less of a nuisance.

"Park officials urged walkers not to urinate along trails, to avoid turning paths into 'long, linear salt licks' and attracting goats." ]

It's like that Star Trek episode, only with goats.

NPS press release: "Mountain Goat Capture and Translocation"
Won’t mountain goats cause the same problems in the Cascades?
No. Because mountain goats are native to the Cascades Range, the area is more suited to them.
Way to throw shade on the Cascades, home of dirty stinking piss-goats.
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zarathustra said @ 4:05am GMT on 2nd Jul
When I quickly scanned the header I was thinking of an Olympic village and imagining 'roided out goats.
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:50pm GMT on 2nd Jul
I was surprised to learn that the Olympics are going on.

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