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Help! Should I Tell My Co-Workers I Saw Their Son on a Porn Site?

quote [ "A few months ago, I found the stream of an 18-year-old guy whose routine I liked a lot. “Cam” quickly became one of my favorites, and I always tipped generously whenever I saw his show. [...] his bio mentioned that he’s a high school senior who lives in the same metropolitan area as me and likes daddies. [...]

This is where it gets weird. Cam’s voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it. He talked about wanting to show his face on camera, and one night he did. I was shocked when I realized he was the son of my co-workers.


Should I tell Cam’s mom and dad? ]

ASK SE TIME! I couldn't think of anyone more qualified to answer this question. I normally wouldn't post a Dead Prudence on here, but this was just too relevant and topical to the site not to.
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[by snowfox@3:55pmGMT]


Dienes said @ 4:09pm GMT on 30th May [Score:2 Hot Pr0n]
I like how the guy is a 40yo watching high schoolers masturbate but wants a pat on the back for not trying to solicit physical sex from this one.

No, FFS don't out the young man as a sex worker to his parents. Jesus. Why do I have to tell a gay not man to out someone else?

No, FFS don't tell him you know. The only reason you want to do that is because you are squicked out - you don't give this life advice to every cam boy you wank to. You just want to shame this one because realizing who he is killed your boner - it almost seems retaliatory.

Stop watching the cam, don't tell him or his parents, and keep donating to him.
mechanical contrivance said @ 4:57pm GMT on 30th May [Score:2]
He's supposed to stop watching but keep donating?
Dienes said[1] @ 11:54am GMT on 31st May

Think of it as a creeper tax.
mechanical contrivance said @ 12:53pm GMT on 31st May
I'm pretty sure you need to be connected to a stream to donate. He would have to connect to the stream, donate really fast, then disconnect immediately all while covering the video with his other hand. I don't think he's going to do that.
Dienes said @ 5:19pm GMT on 31st May
My smut purveyors have Patreon and other methods set up that don't require live connection. /shrug

If nothing else he could go "Bob? Linda? I heard your kid graduated and I wanted to congratulate him, please give him this gift card." with a generous creeper severance.
mechanical contrivance said @ 5:24pm GMT on 31st May
I don't see why he should pay the kid anything if he's not going to be watching the steam anymore.
damnit said @ 4:45am GMT on 1st Jun
He got his dick hard. That's all the tuition he needs.
snowfox said @ 4:43pm GMT on 31st May
"Creeper tax" is exactly the words that came to mind, and then I felt like it was unfair that a man gets a creeper tax but women get jack fuck. Sexual equality. He can either keep watching and paying, or quit watching, but he definitely doesn't need to freak this cam dude out by telling him he knows who this dude is and where he lives. The letter reads all stalker-y.
Dienes said @ 5:16pm GMT on 31st May
I, too, believe in sexual equality, and if the 38yo and/or 18yo were women I'd still levy the creeper tax.
LurkerAtTheGate said @ 8:39pm GMT on 30th May
caveat: hetero

I have many LGBT friends and this seems like a polarizing thing amongst them - nearly half of the LGBT people I know seem to think closeted individuals, involuntary or not, are oppressed, and outing them is a moral imperative. One of the married gay couples is split on this issue and its clearly a sore spot.
biblebeltdrunk said[1] @ 11:19pm GMT on 30th May [Score:3 Underrated]
As someone who is LGBT, that is insane and refuses all agency or concern for circumstance which can lead to terrible situations. He should respect that persons privacy, being a sex worker is a sensitive enough topic that they shouldn't spread that info with out consent regardless of the sexuality issue.

If op wants to do anything he can send an anonymous message saying he might be careful in using your real name, and drop it.
arrowhen said[1] @ 7:38am GMT on 31st May [Score:3 Good]
Edit: I may be slightly drunk, so my wordies may be moderately beshitted.

As someone who is not LBGT but has been on the internet for a goddamn quarter century or more, he should respect the motherfucking random internet stranger's privacy because he's a motherfucking random stranger on the internet.

"No one knows you're a dog on the internet" has always been the entire fucking point of the internet, and no matter how many assholes want to sell you dog food on the internet, that should always be the fucking point.
arrowhen said @ 6:38am GMT on 31st May
caveat: hetero and hardcore idealist judgmental asshole

We've made great strides in the area of LGBT equality over the last couple of decades but we're still nowhere near the level of parity where keeping your sexual orientation private is a mere personal decision. Everyone who chooses to remain in the closet directly contributes to the oppression of everyone else who might want the freedom to express (or might be unable to avoid the necessity of expressing) their perfectly normal sexuality without the threat of being ostracized, legislated against, or, you know, fucking murdered for it.

Sorry if that means you're stuck being politicized by the random, uncontrollable facts of your birth, but so is everyone else. We weren't quite born into the generation where one's sexual orientation is no big deal, but we're closer to that ideal than ever, but if we work together, maybe we can make the next generation the one for which that's finally true. I'll do what I can, but as an actual LGBT person and not just a well-meaning ally, you've had the greater responsibility thrust upon you.

(Also, existence is utterly and entirely without meaning, right and wrong don't exist, and any personal morality that leads you to disagree with my moral pronouncements is perfectly fine, because morality only exists within the mind of the person who conceives of or ascribes to it and cannot possibly be any more or less valid than anyone else's invented or received morality, but have fun anyway!)
5th Earth said @ 4:08am GMT on 1st Jun [Score:1 Underrated]
Counterpoint: do you, a relative stranger, have the unqualified right to know what my sexual orientation is? Is it reasonable for you to walk up to someone, ask if they are gay or straight, and expect *any answer at all*? Are people, gay or straight, actively obligated to make public pronouncements about their orientation to people for whom the subject has no relevance?

Idealism is one thing, but what you appear to be proposing is actively denying people basic privacy.
Dienes said @ 12:08pm GMT on 31st May
"Everyone who chooses to remain in the closet directly contributes to the oppression of everyone else who might want the freedom to express (or might be unable to avoid the necessity of expressing) their perfectly normal sexuality without the threat of being ostracized, legislated against, or, you know, fucking murdered for it."

Emphasis mine. Um, why do you think some people are still in the closet, friend?
mechanical contrivance said @ 4:55pm GMT on 30th May [Score:1 Good]
Dead Prudence, won't you lie very still?
Dead Prudence, was I in your will?
The sun is up, the sky is blue
My soul is dead and so are you
Dead Prudence
hellboy said @ 5:37pm GMT on 30th May [Score:1 Good]
Is Cam 18 or older? Yes? Then STFU and stop trying to displace your own guilt onto someone who is a consenting adult minding his own business.

What a creepy asshole.
spazm said[1] @ 11:16pm GMT on 30th May [Score:1 Good]
Would there be any good reason to out him? What the fuck is wrong with people!?
mechanical contrivance said @ 5:02pm GMT on 30th May
mechanical contrivance said @ 5:56pm GMT on 30th May
I'd advise him not to use his real name, but leave him alone otherwise.
the circus said @ 12:54am GMT on 31st May
discolemonade2.0 said @ 10:04am GMT on 31st May
seneschal said @ 6:08am GMT on 1st Jun

No because of the potential harm to Cam
No because it's an unnecessary and unwarranted breach of his privacy
No because there is no reason to do so.

The whole idea presumes that there's something wrong with it and his parents should be warned. I don't agree with that notionally.
rhesusmonkey said @ 5:12am GMT on 2nd Jun
Or to quote Quentin Tarantino: "I reject your hypothesis".
rapscallion said @ 10:55pm GMT on 2nd Jun
Nope. Not your place. He’s an adult.

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