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Tyler Cassidy - Louis C.K.

quote [ Can I please get consent? Cause I want to jerk on my dick ]

My favorite song by him is still Boyfriend, I can listen to that one repeatedly, but this one is good & topical too. Tyler never really holds back.
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iosef said @ 7:44am GMT on 9th Jan
Is it bad if I still think Louis C.K. is funny?

I mean, obviously the guy is a pervert. And he did engage in sexual harassment that was wrong, unethical, and possibly illegal. But then he also apologized and seemed to show genuine remorse.

If a man or woman kills someone in a drunk driving accident they don't get lambasted by the media as hard as Louis C.K. has been. Personally I find it excessive. Perhaps I lack sufficient empathy because the victims were of a different sex to myself, but I really don't think that explains it.
damnit said[1] @ 2:36am GMT on 10th Jan [Score:1 Insightful]
That doesn't really explain his latest stand up acts on making light on school shooting survivors, non-binary people, and Asian people, prefacing it as "my career is ruined, so I'll just light the match and get buck wild" type of deal.

Andy Richter explained it best on his stance to this:

Andy Richter on Twitter

““I’m gonna show that I’m not afraid to mock this upsetting thing that most ppl don’t find funny” is not brave. It’s not hilarious because it offends some people. It’s a FORMULA, and an increasingly lazy one.”

“I’m gonna show that I’m not afraid to mock this upsetting thing that most ppl don’t find funny” is not brave. It’s not hilarious because it offends some people. It’s a FORMULA, and an increasingly lazy one.

I don’t spend a lot of time judging the quality of other’s comedy (it mostly just comes off as adolescent & insecure). My taste isn’t the law. People like what they like. What do I care? Some comedy sucks. What do I care?

But there is some comedy that sucks and it’s bad for people imo. Some comedy sucks and it’s bad for comedy imo. And if I yell “Boo!” that is not censorship. It’s just not a laugh. And if you tell jokes that’s the risk you run. No sense crying about it.

“In today’s environment (fill in blank w name of legendary stand up) wouldn’t succeed!” Stand up from 50 yrs ago wouldn’t work? No shit! Comedy is the most perishable form of entertainment. Shit just stops being funny. We’ve all watched old SNL’s & experienced this.

(Also comedy is on a continuum. You can’t pluck someone out of the historical timeline and plop them down somewhere else. Today’s comedy is what it is bc of yesterday’s comedy. The jokes of today have to be what they are because of the jokes of the past)

I can’t say that the hackiness of what Louis said was the main thing, because he said some fucked up stuff (i.e., denying bravery of Parkland survivors advocacy is untrue. Shitting on trans ppl is small & mean). But wow, was it lazy. Wow, was it EASY.

Now there’s a lot of revisionist history about Louis’ work, mainly that he was never funny. That is not true. Years ago Louis could be stone cold brilliant. About relationships. About parenthood. About the fucking human condition. That’s why this is all such a bummer for me.

We are seeing a cliche in action. Comedy man meets consequences. Comedy man becomes “truth teller” by fishing in a barrel of societally sensitive topics. What a gigantic yawn. What a waste. What a lost opportunity for an artist to do some art.

The PC police are not ruining comedy. It is a challenging time to be making jokes. You either accept the challenge or retreat into a past that was easier for you. I hope that this kind of selfish, easy, decency-contrarianism soon becomes as hack as airline food and mother-in-laws
iosef said @ 6:43am GMT on 10th Jan
Louis has always gone for jokes that are offensive, off-color, dark, etc. He has always ragged on people in their 20s or younger. This is nothing new for him.

"Making fun of things you aren't supposed to make fun of" is literally his job. Nobody is forcing you to think that it's funny. But calling it "hackish" is just blatantly wrong. Louis does original material and he does it in his own way. He may be somewhat embittered by his recent experiences, but he can't exactly turn that feeling off or filter it completely. It just becomes another part of his act.
Menchi said @ 10:19pm GMT on 10th Jan

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