Tuesday, 20 February 2018

4 More Years!

quote [ Holy shit, we're still here?

We're still here! ]

I am fucking exhausted. My cat came down with a bladder infection or something Saturday so he's trying to pee everywhere and the medication is giving him diarrhea. Oh boy! Bleagh. I'll try and give a run down in the extended but really I just need a nap. :)

Thank you for being you and thank you for being here.

Hope all is well with y'all, been kind of a rough year, but I think that's been the case for a lot of us so I won't bother dwelling. We're still here and surviving and that's the important thing. Feature-wise I've brought the monthly subscriber preview days online as well as shifted the watchlist to a feed view with additional options on the beta site. I'm in the process of revamping the karma based privilege system which was disabled when I first brought the site online to allow us to build up content. That worked, but now I need to get people involved again so I'll probably be bringing some more visual attention to your karma and what features you have if you're of the lurking variety. I'm still thinking about a progressive karma decay system to level out some of the older rankings as well as a captcha for accounts in the negative karma.

I did consider buying a custom SE pron video from one of the girls at /r/sexsells but then shit has been very hectic lately and it never happened, but I did think about it! Maybe one of these days. ;)

Subscriptions keep the site lights on and food in my belly, always much appreciated. There's a monthly recurring option as well as a buggy, but usable, one time payment option. Just an FYI, because of the way my student loan repayment assistance works I'm going to have to disable the one time payments for a few months as summer approaches when I go to reapply for assistance or else your one-time payment gets treated by them as 1/12 of my annual income no matter how much I try to tell them that it's not a monthly recurrence. #FuckYouSallyMaeNavient

I think that's about it. Again thank y'all for being here. I've basically become a fulltime caregiver for my Grandfather and that wouldn't be possible with a regular 9 to 5. So, much love, and thanks for making this possible. Be Excellent To Each Other.
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[by steele@10:21pmGMT]


spazm said @ 10:28pm GMT on 20th Feb [Score:5 Insightful]
Thank you, Steele! Without your dedication we’d be nowhere. Or maybe reddit, so basically nowhere.
steele said @ 11:15pm GMT on 20th Feb [Score:1 Classy Pr0n]
You're welcome. Thank you for thanking me! #CircleJerk ;)
blacksun said @ 11:11pm GMT on 20th Feb [Score:3]
I'm driving to Kansas. To TP the house where the guy squatting the old domain lives. Who's with me?
snagUber said @ 2:00pm GMT on 22nd Feb
I cannot make it because of distance but I'd happily send stool sample if it can help.
hellboy said @ 11:16pm GMT on 20th Feb [Score:3 Informative]
Just in time - I was looking for a good place to put this:

How Much Boobs Weigh In Animals Terms
RokDragon said @ 11:21pm GMT on 20th Feb [Score:1 Underrated]
As if there is a place that isn't appropriate
mechanical contrivance said @ 5:50pm GMT on 21st Feb [Score:2]
A custom SE pron video would involve ranch and a horse, so maybe it's better if it never gets made.
steele said @ 6:01pm GMT on 21st Feb
Well now I might start getting quotes for performers willing to do ranch showers...
JWWargo said @ 12:33am GMT on 24th Feb
norok said @ 11:34pm GMT on 20th Feb [Score:1 Underrated]
Thanks for what you do steele! Please don't do that captcha thing tho :P
discolemonade2.0 said @ 1:48am GMT on 21st Feb [Score:1 Funsightful]
Idk can my proclivity for semi and full on nidity help SE? I dont knowwhat else i bring to the table..other than my sparkling personality obviously
arrowhen said @ 6:29am GMT on 21st Feb [Score:1 Funsightful]
I can't see how it would hurt!
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:47pm GMT on 21st Feb
You're obviously not very kinky.
JWWargo said @ 4:11am GMT on 21st Feb
Come back on the podcast!
discolemonade2.0 said @ 5:20am GMT on 21st Feb
Gimme the time and place. Boyyyyy has my life taken some crazy fucking turns
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:51pm GMT on 21st Feb [Score:1 Informative]
We'd love to hear the story. Also, boobs make everything better.
discolemonade2.0 said @ 9:38pm GMT on 21st Feb
I like to call it my tragic backstory. At this point im one shitty day away from becoming a super villain
mechanical contrivance said @ 9:42pm GMT on 21st Feb
JWWargo said @ 8:33pm GMT on 21st Feb
Next episode is scheduled for March 2nd. Still do Google Hangouts?
discolemonade2.0 said @ 9:20pm GMT on 21st Feb
Yup. I had to get a new account but yup
cb361 said @ 7:50pm GMT on 21st Feb
My proclivity for semi and full on nudity (and evil, according to snowfox during mafia games) never brought any good to the world.
captainstubing said @ 2:14am GMT on 21st Feb [Score:1 Underrated]
Thanks and all that.

Is kitty ok? Those bladder things move really fast in cats and it gets really bad really fast in some cases. I know, Number One Good Boy hates all other cats and if one has been in the yard spraying the kitty smell goo around he gets a very angry gentleman sausage and we are right back on the medication. It can be really scary just how fast it all goes tits up.

So, very deep thanks for what you are doing, and do keep a close eye on the Kit Kat.
steele said @ 5:05pm GMT on 21st Feb
He seems to be doing better. Last night was the first noticeable improvement where he wasn't obsessing over attempting to pee. Sadly this came about when I went out of town overnight so I didn't realize anything was wrong until it had been going on for about a day. The doc said there was no plug built up or anything, but he didn't give them a urine sample to tell us what's up either, so... Just trying to keep an eye on him and hope this doesn't turn into a chronic thing. He turns 10 in July and this is the first medical thing we've had to deal with in many many years.
steele said @ 4:17pm GMT on 16th Mar
It happened again! Does yours have the thing where their bladder wall sheds or something making them pee blood and putting them in pain? This time they just gave me pain meds, but jeebus, I swear it was the followup visit to the vet wednesday that set him off. This shit is getting expensive. 0_0
captainstubing said @ 10:35pm GMT on 16th Mar [Score:1 Informative]
Fat Man was getting an enflamed bladder and this seems to have been stress related. He hates every other cat in the world and one was hanging around and getting him riled as I wouldn't let him out to lay the SmackDown on the invader cat.

We were given a product containing Meloxicam and this liquid was fired down his throat once a day using a syringe. He did not have crystals in his wee. The other thing we did was to feed him only wet food for a few weeks and then only slowly reintroduce dry food over another couple of weeks.

it only took a day or so to settle and another day or so to really wrap up but it did come back a couple of times in the following few months. This was over three years ago and all has been OK since then.

I hope it is starting to come around for your furry.
steele said @ 12:21am GMT on 17th Mar
Yeah, it's an inflamed bladder or something. They're calling it Feline Idiopathic Cystitis which is basically "We don't know why, but the bladder is angry and bloody and painful." No crystals, but I'm terrified of a blockage happening. I think I'm going to pick up some wet food tomorrow and maybe order a water fountain or something.

Last time they gave him an anti-inflammatory but this time it's buprenorphine. My cat's gonna have a heroin addiction if this keeps up. (I'm tempted to buy some weed and make him some medicinal meowijuana treats.) He seems to be a little less urgent about trying the litter box, but fuck, I feel so freaking bad for him.

Good to hear yours didn't stick around long term, I'm terrified of this being a regular issue.

Did you ever mess with pheromone diffusers? The vet recommended them and I'm wondering if it'll make a difference seeing as how I still don't know what he's getting stressed about since nothing has really changed.
captainstubing said @ 4:51am GMT on 17th Mar
Mrs Stubing uses a diffuser at her place for a day or two if we have rescues in that are struggling to adapt- that seems to help. The same stuff comes in a squirty bottle and also works really well but it isn't cheap at all (but it lasts forever, so there is that). The diffusers work out to be ok value given how long they run and hopefully you wont need it long term.

Just excluding dry food and moving to wet food only is a big deal - make sure you do that right away unless your vet has given advice that calls for something else. More liquid moving through is really important. Really anything that gets a steady flow of fluids into moggie is a big help. I bought a fountain but it scared my guy (!!) so I put more bowls around the house to prompt him to drink more often and that did work (he still has three and expects to find fresh water in each whenever he fancies a drink).

Yeah, Meloxicam is an anti-inflam, no idea about buprenorphine. I'd be making sure about the wet food before bothering with edibles for the cat :)
Dienes said @ 2:40am GMT on 21st Feb [Score:1 Informative]
You can try mixing plain pumpkin puree (not pie mix!) into his food to firm up his poops.
lilmookieesquire said @ 6:30am GMT on 21st Feb
Are you talking about his car or his human?
arrowhen said @ 6:31am GMT on 21st Feb
Do not put pumpkin puree in your car's food.
lilmookieesquire said @ 6:36am GMT on 21st Feb
Why do you hate our pumpkin spice high octane freedoms?
steele said @ 5:06pm GMT on 21st Feb
Does the pumpkin puree come with cat sized Ugg boots or do I buy them separately? Also, not purree? wtf?
arrowhen said @ 6:31am GMT on 21st Feb [Score:1 Good]
a progressive karma decay system to level out some of the older rankings

I'm gonna let my karma slide just low enough that I can experience the satisfaction of beating Mookiee again!
lilmookieesquire said @ 6:36am GMT on 21st Feb
I ALREADY BEAT YOU! In here. *points to heart*
Nikan said @ 11:38pm GMT on 20th Feb
Thanks Steele! Should we throw in a few bucks in a one time payment to offset the payment hiatus or would that be an issue for you?
steele said @ 12:00am GMT on 21st Feb
I mean, you can if you want. ;)

For anyone that would normally have to renew their one time payment during that time though, just let me know when your benefits expire and I'll add a month or two on your sub until it's safe for me to accept payments again.
Abdul Alhazred said @ 3:28am GMT on 21st Feb
We're like a bad smell- you can't get rid of us forever.
spazm said @ 7:30am GMT on 21st Feb
It made Saint_Marck go offline completely, so you’re probably right :O
cb361 said @ 7:48pm GMT on 21st Feb
Hey, remember that time we tried to buy SE off him?
context said @ 3:58am GMT on 13th Aug
I still wish I could have convinced him to sell.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:10pm GMT on 21st Feb
My God, has it been that long? Things have certainly changed around here. I remember when this was all farmland as far as the eye could see! Old man Peabody owned all of this! He had this crazy idea about breeding pine trees.
moriati said @ 5:22pm GMT on 21st Feb
Congratulations to one and all, you still have to jack of a horse.
ComposerNate said @ 7:24pm GMT on 21st Feb
Were my life not so rich with work and family while poor with time, I'd lead another group SE song recording.
HoZay said @ 9:24pm GMT on 21st Feb [Score:2 Insightful]
Now you see the downside of having loved ones.
cb361 said @ 7:39pm GMT on 21st Feb
It's nice to be part of something bigger than myself.
Taxman said @ 12:51am GMT on 24th Feb
C18H27NO3 said @ 1:23am GMT on 22nd Feb
Where are all the nifty text graphics? Graham? Mayhem anybody?
steele said @ 8:07pm GMT on 3rd Jul
snowfox said @ 4:46am GMT on 21st Jan
Saw the renewal news on FB. Some of the old set hang out IRL and many of us are facebook friends. There is talk of a late 2019 meetup but nothing is planned and it's mostly folks who aren't on the site anymore but kept in touch.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:01pm GMT on 21st Jan
I thought you were dead. I was wrong.
snowfox said @ 8:03pm GMT on 25th Jan
Nah. Your parents sent me to a farm where I could run free and happy but only if you never ask to visit me.
wasp132 said @ 9:28pm GMT on 4th Feb

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