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DIY spreader bar and cuffs

quote [ I offset the angle of the central eye bolt with the idea that It would be easier to connect it to, for example, a headboard (if I ever get one) or a collar (if we ever get one), etc. ]

Fuck-stuff is too damn expensive. Made my own. NSFW only for subject-matter.

If you don't know what a spreader bar is, it's basically something that allows you to cuff someone's body parts into a spread out position.

The plan was to do this (almost) as cheaply as possible while still being sturdy and comfortable. To that end, I made some decisions based on items and materials I already had available (before I was even thinking about doing this project).

Materials needed:
The Bar

Item followed by total price:

1x 1" diameter 48" Poplar Dowel Rod ~$3.50 USD

5x 1/4" eye bolts ~$5.00

2x 1/4" eye screws ~$2.00

Wood stain and polyurethane sealer *already had this, but ~$15.00

Not pictured: 5x 1/4" washers, 5x 1/4" lock washers, 5x 1/4" nuts. ~$3.00?

Materials Needed:
The Cuffs

1x 8.5x11 sheet of leather ~$14.50

1x Stitching Awl *already had this but ~$14.00

1x 1" Nylon Webbing (60" length) ~$2.10

4x Strap Adjusters ~$4.00

4x Round eye swivel trigger ~$9.00

4x Quick Links *already had this, but ~$8.00

1x 8.5"X11" felt sheet ~$0.50

Spray adhesive ~$10.00

I was able to buy everything I needed at two stores - a hardware store and a fabric store (in the US, Lowe's and Joann Fabrics)

The total price is 91.60, but my 'cost' considering I already had some of the things I needed was ~$54.60. Not bad considering buying 4 cuffs will cost you at least that much.

The Bar

I wasn't initially planning to make a post so I don't have any in-progress pics of this but here's how it's done. It's simple enough that you could probably just look at the picture and figure it out.
Drill 5 1/4" holes in the bar as desired. The eye bolts will go through these eventually. I put one in the center and then, angled at 90 degrees to that one*, I put two holes on either side of it. The maximum distance between eye-bolt holes is about 32".
Next Drill a hole on each end of the dowel. These are where the eye screws will go. I just figured the more the merrier, and they will allow for lots of creative attachment configurations. The length of the bar and distance between holes is totally up to you though. Sand down any rough patches from the drilling.

Screw in the two eye-screws on the ends. These will be handy to suspend the bar when you are staining and sealing it, to let it dry cleanly. I used a wood stain and polyurethane that I already had from another project (refinishing an end table) so, for me, this didn't cost anything.
After you've stained and sealed the bar according to directions on the can, you can add the rest of the hardware (eyebolts). I bent the washers in a vice so that they would conform to the contours of the bar better (not the lock washers, only the regular ones).

Actually, the lock washers are probably totally overkill, you can probably leave them out.

When it's all finished, it'll look something like these pics

Detail of eyebolts

One should probably use a hacksaw to remove the excess bolt coming through the nut.

End of bar

*I offset the angle of the central eye bolt with the idea that It would be easier to connect it to, for example, a headboard (if I ever get one) or a collar (if we ever get one), etc. It's probably not really critical.
When everything is done it will look something like this

The Cuffs

The cuffs were the more time-consuming aspect, and the design was influenced heavily by my circumstances. I'll mention the thing I messed up right off the bat - Ankles have a larger circumference than wrists!* I sized these to my wrist, making sure they could get small enough for my wife. I trimmed the leather (but not the nylon) assuming my wrist would be the largest things going in it. Later when I tested it on my ankle, the leather strap doesn't reach all the way across, and there is a part where the nylon would rub on my skin.

Anyway, First, cut the leather into 4 2" strips, which should each be 11" long (if you have the sheet of leather I bought).
Cut the webbing/strapping into 4 equal lengths (I had 60" to divide among 4 straps to start with which is plenty).
The leather has been trimmed down to wrist-circumference in this image

The first thing you will do is to put the nylon strap through the strap adjuster, and then fold it back down on itself, giving it about an inch of overlap. That little loop will hold the adjuster in place because you are going to sew through the two layers of nylon and the leather, binding them all together. It is important to make sure that the strap adjuster is oriented with the correct side up (or out, if you like) because it won't hold if it's the wrong way. Test it out before sewing.

un-sewed mockup is below. the strapping goes through the bottom hole, then folds back down (hidden).

Now it is time to stitch these all together. If you have a sewing machine capable of doing this, I recommend it. The stitching awl takes longer and doesn't look as nice (if you're me). I don't have a sewing machine but I did have the awl, so that's what I went with. The awl really isn't difficult to use after maybe 10 minutes of practice, so don't let this scare you off if you otherwise would be interested in doing the project. I stitched a rectangle with another line through it.

Now you stitch in an attachment point. I already had 4 quick-links with different plans for but I used them here instead. The positioning of the next stitch is kind of important because you should remember that the end result is going to be wrapped around something round-ish (a wrist or ankle). You can't just stitch this together flat and then wrap it around because the inner layer of leather will get bunched up and (I assume) be uncomfortable. What I did was loosely wrap the leather and nylon strap around my wrist, hold them together at the point where I wanted to install the quick-link, and start the first line of stitching across the strap. Now, when it's flattened out, the nylon strap buckles a little in the middle.

After you've put the first stitch across, slide the quick link onto the strap and stitch another line on the other side of it so it's locked into place.

If you wanted to, you could leave it here and the quick links could be used to connect to the bar, but the main problem is that's a lot of fiddling around (screwing and unscrewing to attach and release) and if there is a fire or something, you want to be able to release from the bar more quickly.
I attached the swivel triggers to the quick links so that there is a quick and easy clip-on clip-off method.

At this point it looks like this

When the cuffs go on you can just pull the strap to tighten them, or lift the plastic tab to loosen them. You can use the clips to easily attach the cuffs to the bar in any arrangement you like.

The final thing I did with the cuffs is to glue in an inner layer of black felt using the spray adhesive. This is optional but will hide the stitching on the inside and make the cuffs more comfortable (I assume?). Again, when you bond the felt and leather, remember that the final product will be rolled around a wrist, so glue it together in that position. I used a partially used paper towel roll for this.

Make this
[NSFW] [do it yourSElf] [+10 Original]
[by robotroadkill@6:21amGMT]


sacrelicious said @ 6:38am GMT on 14th Nov [Score:3]
here's one:

3 tsp vegetable glycerin
1/2 tsp xanthan gum

stir together until completely mixed, then add 1/2 cup of water. you just made lube, give yourself a hand(job)!

BONUS LEVEL: for cooling or warming sensations, add mint or cinnamon essential oils.
rylex said @ 8:18am GMT on 14th Nov [Score:2]
Dude... Im totally about to start making THC enhanced lube now.

Im not fucking joking.

I just started work in a legit terpenoid extraction lab, so I have access to purified extracts now.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:06pm GMT on 14th Nov
That already exists, but I hear it doesn't do much to get you high.
foobar said @ 7:29am GMT on 15th Nov [Score:1 Informative]
sacrelicious said @ 3:57pm GMT on 14th Nov
now LSD on the other hand...
sacrelicious said[1] @ 4:50pm GMT on 14th Nov
btw, one word of warning: this will only be good for about a week unless you add some sort of preservative. so don't just stick it on your shelf thinking it'll be good for as long as you need it.

or you could keep it in your fridge, but cold lube could be a buzzkill.
Dienes said @ 11:02pm GMT on 14th Nov [Score:2 Funsightful]
I had some ladies' "enhancement gel" as a horny teen that I kept in the Drawer of Dirty Secrets of my bedstand. It was pretty neat stuff that had some mint oil or menthol or something delightfully tingly. One day, my boyfriend at the time wanted to try blindfolding me, which was all good and fun. However, while I was blindfolded, he rummaged in said Drawer and found the gel.

The instructions on the container said do not use any more than a drop or pea-sized amount. Unfortunately, being young and inexperienced, he operated on the principle that you didn't need to read instructions on anything. Being young and inexperienced, he also operated on the principle of more=better. He must've slathered on a good 1-2 tablespoons of the stuff before I realized what had happened and bolted from the room shrieking and burning to take a 45-minute shower that didn't help at all.

So, uh, use in moderation, folks.
sacrelicious said[1] @ 11:46pm GMT on 14th Nov
the last batch of lube I made I used about 2 drops of the mint oil (knowing it's strong stuff). it wasn't quite enough, so next time I'll try 3.

but as to the lube itself, you can use as much as you want. slather it all over the place. no problem, it's cheap and cleans up real easy.
eggboy said @ 9:46pm GMT on 14th Nov [Score:1 laz0r]
I got 800g of methylcellulose powder and no idea what I'm doing, but I hope it's enough to fill an inflatable kiddie pool.
Onix said @ 4:33pm GMT on 14th Nov [Score:2 Insightful]
Uh... pictures with a female model, please... In the buff... Uh, yeah.
OK, now I am feeling dirty for asking.
@realCB361 said @ 5:08pm GMT on 14th Nov
Dirty Onix wants buff female models? I can grope any Miss Universe girls. What the hell is wrong with him?
Onix said @ 6:40pm GMT on 14th Nov
Not buff, in the buff, as in the nude. Don't make feel any dirtier please.
sacrelicious said @ 6:42pm GMT on 14th Nov [Score:1 Interesting]
I agree. I prefer the buff female models to be the dom in this sort of scenario.
Onix said @ 9:42pm GMT on 14th Nov
Is there a "I am in shame" mod here?
mechanical contrivance said @ 9:56pm GMT on 14th Nov [Score:2]
There is no shame on SE.
Onix said @ 11:23pm GMT on 15th Nov
Thank you.
SnappyNipples said @ 7:22pm GMT on 14th Nov
I can cure my hams with this...nice
robotroadkill said @ 8:13pm GMT on 14th Nov
I thought that hams was incurable. Glad to hear they're making progress on this.
sacrelicious said @ 8:33pm GMT on 14th Nov
the best cure for hams is a salty brine and hickory smoke.
robotroadkill said[1] @ 8:18pm GMT on 14th Nov
HoZay said @ 8:43pm GMT on 14th Nov
Bend over, I'll cure your hams.
Mythtyn said @ 9:47pm GMT on 14th Nov
Bend over, i'll ham your curves.
Dienes said @ 11:50pm GMT on 14th Nov
That reminds me, I've been meaning to watch Gerald's Game on Netflix.
hellboy said @ 5:53am GMT on 15th Nov
I heard that was good. Let us know what you think.
Dienes said @ 1:13pm GMT on 15th Nov
It was really good!
hellboy said @ 5:32pm GMT on 15th Nov
I'm worried it's going to be a lot more Misery than Venus In Fur.
Dienes said @ 8:32pm GMT on 15th Nov
I was curious as to how they would adapt it, since so much of it is in her head in the book. It certainly has differences, but I think its a pretty faithful adaptation. It had all the parts I wanted them to include, and all the ones I was afraid they would include.

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