Sunday, 12 November 2017


quote [ Saturday’s Times Daily out of Florence, Alabama, says that the Republican Party is facing some internal conflict over something called “sex clams.” ]

newspaper typo as flimsy pretext to say....

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! missed you all (except the ones I've never met, I didn't miss those ones at all). when SE went down for what I guessed was the last time, I threw all my internet commenting time fully into the AV Club. then about a month ago the Kinjapocalypse happened, scattering that community to the winds (we've mostly coalesced around a couple of user-created disqus pages). then today I found this site after googling SE for shits n' giggles.

I'm doing well. living in a coast town, working in the supermarket. I know how to play guitar now, so that's new.
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[by sacrelicious@10:18pmGMT]


sacrelicious said @ 2:14am GMT on 13th Nov [Score:5 Good]
oh, and btw, here's something I made:

built piecemeal from parts. I call her Tress cause of the trestle bridge illustration I decorated her with. the local luthier liked her so much he borrowed the color scheme for a tele he was building.

Mythtyn said @ 11:05pm GMT on 12th Nov [Score:1 Good]
moriati said @ 11:09pm GMT on 12th Nov [Score:1 Good]
Headlessfriar said @ 11:24pm GMT on 12th Nov [Score:1 Good]
Glad to have you back Sac!
backSLIDER said @ 11:33pm GMT on 12th Nov [Score:1 Insightful]
I have some questions; what coast? What is/was the kinjapocalypse? What porn have you been masturbating to/with/in conjunction with?
sacrelicious said @ 11:59pm GMT on 12th Nov [Score:3]
1 - west. but northwest, so it's rainy until June.

2 - Kinja is a commenting system developed by Gawker Media (who when they were liquidated and their subsidiary sites sold sold ended up resulting in a buyout that acquired the Onion and AV Club under the KotakDeadModoZebel umbrella). it's a terrible platform, arguably purpose-built to shut down both substantive conversation and inside memes, so we all threatened to leave during the (horribly mishandled) announcement of the switch of commenting platforms (or, Kinjapocalypse), and I'm proud to say the AV Club has never had fewer comments on their (increasingly terrible, but that terribleness had been brewing since long before the merger. but the community was aces) articles than they do now.

3 - I've been really enjoying DVD's that I've been buying on ebay. I use a wireless hotspot for my connection, which is very affordable so long as I stream nothing (and if I do, it's extremely expensive), so my motion-picture pr0n must come in DVD form. I kinda like the informal Q&A's before and after, and how they go over the safe words and limits. it's not every pr0n that you can say with such confidence that all the participants really are into it.
Mythtyn said @ 11:37pm GMT on 12th Nov [Score:1 Hot Pr0n]
Oh, almost forgot. By chance, did you bring a horse? You know the entrance fee....
sacrelicious said @ 11:43pm GMT on 12th Nov [Score:3]
unless I'm mistaken, I think me and Leezurd invented that entrance fee.
Mythtyn said[3] @ 12:50am GMT on 13th Nov
My life during the beginning-middle of se1 is kind of blurry in retrospect, so i have no recollection of it. Quite probable. leezurd?

Edit: Thats supposed to call leezurd, but may not be working properly. test Mythyn test 2 Steele does this think work?
robotroadkill said[1] @ 1:59am GMT on 13th Nov [Score:1 Interesting]
steele said @ 2:07am GMT on 13th Nov [Score:1 Interesting]
Leezurd said @ 5:04pm GMT on 13th Nov [Score:3]



Welcome Home!
robotroadkill said @ 2:01am GMT on 13th Nov
Mentions are case sensitive but mine doesn't seem to work either.
steele said @ 2:07am GMT on 13th Nov
Worked for me. :-/
robotroadkill said @ 4:40am GMT on 13th Nov
Gerp. Somehow my tag never got closed while posting from my phone. It's easier with a real keyboard.
robotroadkill said @ 4:39am GMT on 13th Nov
sacrelicious said @ 12:52am GMT on 13th Nov
another of the old-time SEers. click the random quote thingy, there's a few of his in there.
Mythtyn said @ 12:55am GMT on 13th Nov
oh yeah i know of leez. Theres a tool that lets you link to a user if you're a subscriber, which i was trying to use. Kind of like calling that user to the conversation, but it may not be working right.
sacrelicious said @ 12:58am GMT on 13th Nov
it's possible it's with an e instead of a u. it's been awhile.
Mythtyn said @ 1:01am GMT on 13th Nov [Score:1 Good]
You're correct, its leezurd.
sacrelicious said @ 1:03am GMT on 13th Nov
oh good, that would have been embarrassing.

then again, I sitll did express doubt as to the correct spelling, so it still is!
Mythtyn said[1] @ 1:07am GMT on 13th Nov [Score:1 Good]
lol. Some of the old timers also switched up their user names when they came over, so some comment/writing styles may seem familiar even though the names aren't. I was faustsloki on old se. I came in around 2003 but mainly lurked.
robotroadkill said @ 4:41am GMT on 13th Nov
Mythtyn said[1] @ 10:37am GMT on 13th Nov
robotroadkill steele weird, working this time around. oh well.Thanks for the assist all.
Spark said @ 6:09pm GMT on 13th Nov
Pics or it didn't happen
sacrelicious said @ 8:50pm GMT on 13th Nov
oh sure, pick the one day I forgot to take a screenshot of all of my internet activities!
mechavolt said @ 3:07am GMT on 13th Nov [Score:1 laz0r]
Always great to see an old name again. Glad you were able to find your way back.
pleaides said @ 7:57am GMT on 13th Nov [Score:1 Funsightful]
omg teh sac
cakkafracle said @ 1:55pm GMT on 13th Nov [Score:1 Good]
hey wow welcome back Sac!
Did you bring JOECAM with you?
cb361 said @ 4:14pm GMT on 13th Nov [Score:5]
Did you bring MADPRIDE with you?
TM said @ 8:11pm GMT on 13th Nov
'Cause JOECAM, he'd love you long time!
Kama-Kiri said @ 2:15pm GMT on 13th Nov [Score:1 Good]
blast from the past
sacrelicious said @ 1:41am GMT on 13th Nov
question: are months of silver stackable? cause I've been gifted with two of them today.

also, is it just me, or does "month of silver" sound like an olde-timey remedy for menstrual cramps?
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:23pm GMT on 13th Nov [Score:2]
Month of silver sounds like something post menopausal.
steele said @ 4:03am GMT on 13th Nov [Score:1 Informative]
Yes, they're stackable... or the extra will be in your inventory. I forget which. You can check your inventory from your profile page.

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