Hi, Everybody! steele here.

For those who don't know, once upon a time there was a site called SensibleErection.com. It was a happy site where people would congregate and discuss all sorts of topics with reckless abandon. Nothing was off limits because it was a site for adults to act like adults and discuss the sort of things that adults would honestly like to discuss.

But, one day, tragedy struck. The site disappeared. The users were orphaned with nowhere to go but facebook and reddit. Because of my familiarity with the codebase a number of users approached me asking if I would be interested in making a new site. I was torn, because I wanted to, but because of my somewhat nomadic/ascetic lifestyle it wasn't something I could afford to spend the time on. A number of people expressed that they would be willing to chip in a few bucks a month as subscription fees so that I could treat SE like a part time job. This would work out for a number of reasons, it would ensure that SE always had a caretaker to maintain and upgrade the site/codebase, and it meant that I would have the freedom to work on my other projects while still lving my nomadic lifestyle. I figured out how much I would need to cover me for my time and made the proposal to the community. Within about a week we had almost enough people committed to the idea that I was willing to take the chance and go through with it. Thursday, February 20th, 2014, SensibleEndowment.com was born.

We've now survived over a year. There is now a support section where you can submit trouble tickets, notifications to see when people mod or reply to your content, and be sure to play around in the html sandbox to see our special SE only html tags like USER, SELINK, and SPOILER.
You may notice that the comments are no longer so forgiving about what html you can post. This is to discourage SOME of the mayhem of the past. Also, you may notice little marks next to people's names in the comments, this is just a small token to show people who have contributed as subscribers. If you are interested in being a subscriber you can read more about what that entails, here.

For those of you who are new, congratulations on finding your way here, I think you'll find it to be an interesting experience. For those who are refugees from the old SE, congratulations to you too, we've been waiting for you. ;)

A few site notes to discuss. The 2257 law does still apply so please no posting of naughty pics or vids on the site, feel free to link to them but don't directly put them in the posts or comments. If you want to post a video from youtube or vimeo or whatever use the SELINK(beta) code, iframes are a major security hazard so we're blocking them. Other than that, the only rule I have is, be excellent to each other. ;)

Thank you for your patience and please excuse the dust while I get the bugs out of the code and add features. I hope you enjoy yourself here at the new SE.


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