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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Problem: Karma Approach For New Posts
Description: I was part of the old SE site and appreciate the resurrection. It would be great to contribute, but it appears that 30+ Karma is needed to post? Please consider another approach. This method is alienating and I would really like get some topics up to get things moving. Cheers!

[Problem Category: Posting] [by voiddweller @12:24am] [Closed]

steele said @1:45pm on 11th Sep status changed to: [Closed]
While I appreciate your wish to contribute and get things moving, the 30+ karma limit wasn't put into place until 4 years after the new site had been online. There's been plenty of time for old users to amass the necessary karma to post and really, you probably shouldn't be expecting to be able to post when you've only made a single comment in the 5+ years we've been online. Standing on stage and blasting your ideas across the front page of the site are for people who have established themselves within the community via taking part in the posts that are already there. Rather than concerning yourself with posting I hope you'll get more involved in building conversations and bonds with people who probably have no idea who you are.

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