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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Free VR Porn Videos - 2019 Advent Calendar

quote [ Get one FREE VR Porn Video every day until Christmas! ]

Looking for a High Resolution VR porn video to test out that new headset? You're in luck.
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Saturday, 30 November 2019

What?s the best PC VR Headset?

quote [ 30 Nov 19, 08:19
:snowfox: What is the best system in your opinion? And assuming I am not using it for porn or teledildonics, what else is outside of oculus I might want? ]

Holidays are coming up, VR is finally edging out of early adoption status. Here's some basic info along with a guide to what headsets might interest you.
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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer

quote [ Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020. ]

Looking forward to buying this just to see how Valve does a VR game.

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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Microsoft 'DreamWalker' Experiment Takes First Steps into Always-on World-scale VR

quote [ Microsoft unveiled an experiment this week that explores the future of always-on virtual reality. Building a system called DreamWalker, Microsoft researchers walk around in the physical world while still being fully immersed in VR, essentially taking the first steps into replacing your morning walk with something that?s not only reactive to your physical surroundings, but ultimately more interesting. ]

Gearbox finally released Borderlands 2 VR for PC and it is a shit storm. $49.99, buggy as hell, no multiplayer, and ported by someone who must not have played a VR game in the past 2 years.

Also, I need to do another nsfw VR post one of these days. Lots of new stuff out there...
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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Move over regular shorts, exoshorts are the hip, new way to reduce the metabolic rate of walking and running

quote [ A pair of fitted shorts may not look much like the high-tech robotic exoskeletons of Hollywood films. But this seemingly simple device, which tugs on the wearer?s legs with each step, probably represents the first exosuit capable of significantly assisting humans in both walking and running. ]

They went from exoleg-warmers in 2017 to exoshorts. Expect exospeedos next.

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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Arque: Artificial Biomimicry-Inspired Tail for Extending Innate Body Functions

quote [ In this work, we present Arque, an artificial biomimicry-inspired tail to allow us to alter our body momentum for assistive, and full body haptic feedback. In some situations, our bodies may lack the ability to support, or balance us when we are climbing high cliff, or lifting heavy objects.

Several previous work addressed the limitations of our bodies by augmenting our existing upper and lower limbs we accustomed to. However, unlike human body, several vertebrate animals rely on their tail passively for their mobility and balance. Thus, in this work, we aim to expand our innate body functions passively through biomimicry inspired tail. ]

...It's not a sex thing.

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Saturday, 20 July 2019

"3DSen VR" Brings Nintendo Classics to VR, Demo Now Available on Steam

quote [ 3DSen VR(formerly known as3DNesVR) is an emulator tool that runs Nintendo Entertainment System games in VR, letting you play the '80s and '90s classic titles that made the console a world-wide phenomenon. ]

I thought it looked gimmicky at first, but after watching some videos and seeing the work they put into the details of each game, this is making me want to buy a VR headset.

A couple of vids in extended.

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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Buttpluggin' With qDot - VirtAMate VAMLaunch Demo (NSFW/Pornhub Edition)

quote [ "Please stop staring at me I can't perform like this" ]

Continuing my hunt for VR haptics and teledildonics information for some personal projects, I've come across a recent advancement in the realm of VirtAMate. VAMLaunch adds Buttplug.io (link in previous post) support making it possible to use the Pornhub interactive toys with "popular" VirtAMate VR porn software.
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Thursday, 30 May 2019

The Eyes Are the Prize: Eye-Tracking Technology Is Advertising's Holy Grail

quote [ Take a moment to imagine something that made you feel envious, regretful, angry, or happy. It could be something from your social life, family, work, politics, or any media that really moved you. Perhaps it?s a song lyric that perfectly matched your mood. The specific details are likely different for everyone. What matters is whether an emotional trigger moved you to do something.

Now imagine that natural synchronicity, this time coming from an explicit and hidden directive to motivate you to buy something, vote for or against someone, or just stay home. What if they learned exactly what, when, and how to play the right emotion for best results?

When we?re responding emotionally, we lose the veil of rationality and we are most easily manipulated. Someone just needs to know what buttons to push for each of us and then measure, score, and optimize the results over time, closing the loop. ]

This is a really comprehensive breakdown of the dangers that eye tracking will create for influence abuse in AR/VR systems. And to make things even more interesting, the dangers for personal manipulation will jump exponentially when we reach a point where consumer VR EEG becomes viable.

Fun fact: the most advance dry sensor EEG system out there as of about a year ago is made by Neilsen, you know, the TV ratings (and other personal data mining) company. In case you're wondering what kind of mindset is going to have access to this tech initially.

Facebook Ad Algorithm Is a Race and Gender Stereotyping Machine
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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Let's Teledildonics!

quote [ Now that the teledildonics patent is expired, I promised everyone that I'd teach them how to teledildonics. So here we go. ]

For various reasons I've been researching diy haptics, teledildonics and all the sensory feedback stuff in between. Unfortunately, the incognito window I had all the tabs in closed when my computer last rebooted for updates. So I'll try and search as much of it as I can from memory and put it all here.

Just Because: Pornhub people using remote controlled lovesense toys

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