Thursday, 15 June 2017

Brunette babe pegging her boyfriends ass

quote [ Pornstars: Gina Devine
Categories: Brunette, Fetish, Toys, Pornstar, Anal, HD
Production: Professional
Tags: strapon, czech, adult toys, small tits, sex toy, ass fuck, ass fucking, strap on, dildo, orgasms, romantic, female friendly, female orgasms, sensual, kissing, pegging ]

Don't worry there's a reacharound! 😉 Enjoy! 💋
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[by juiceboxxx@1:23amGMT]


ooo[......7 said @ 8:24am GMT on 16th Jun [Score:2]
I think I'm going to have to start posting impressive strap on vids.

This one, like most of them, is dull to someone like myself with more refined tastes. I require more mass in my strap on vids. That and moaning.
HairySack said @ 5:27am GMT on 15th Jun [Score:1 Good]
More like this please.
juiceboxxx said @ 1:12am GMT on 16th Jun [Score:1 Good]
I'll try to to keep it in the rotation. 😉
Bleb said @ 5:17pm GMT on 15th Jun
...because I have difficulty finding pornography on the internet without assistance.
mechavolt said @ 5:24pm GMT on 15th Jun
It's called curation. Kind of the whole point of SE.
mechanical contrivance said @ 5:31pm GMT on 15th Jun
SE is, after all, a porn portal.
mechavolt said @ 5:39pm GMT on 15th Jun
SE is a community-driven curation portal for teh intarwebs. Porn is just one topic, but my point still stands.
Bleb said @ 7:43pm GMT on 15th Jun
It's lazy generic porn posted solely for the purpose of keeping a posting streak alive.
steele said @ 8:05pm GMT on 15th Jun [Score:3]
Actually, it's as a personal favor to me. Juiceboxxx's posts are still generally the most clicked posts and serve as SE's primary source of inbound search engine traffic.
Bleb said @ 9:33pm GMT on 15th Jun
They're the most clicked. They're also among the least-modded and least-interacted. If revenue is the primary motivator, start a porn site.
steele said @ 10:16pm GMT on 15th Jun
Yes, those 10 cents a day are my primary motivation. We need users. Right now our only option to get them is via search engine traffic. We get search engine traffic via porn posts, because as it turns out there's already a surplus of places for middle aged white guys to argue about politics on the internet. There's a filter option, if you don't like a category, filter it out.
Bleb said @ 10:39pm GMT on 15th Jun
I know you're trying to build a site and I realize that I sometimes come off with more snark than necessary, but a site like this won't grow without a community behind it. You could write a bot that makes five, ten of these posts a day. It would bring traffic, but none of that traffic is going to stick around long if there's no community here. This site is, by definition, a collaborative weblog. I don't know if there's still a market for that in 2017, but that's what SE is.

The post streak incentivization has resulted in the same three or four people posting anything at all every 24 hours, regardless of whether or not it'll generate interactions or add value. It's a simplistic metric that doesn't encourage growth. if anything, it rewards the least possible effort.

I don't have a solution. Maybe I'm just complaining about how much better things used to be "back in my day". I want to see SE succeed. I want to see you succeed. But these posts (and yes, the ad infinitum politics) aren't going to help you do that. My 2c. Sorry for being all bitchy. I'm good for another couple months now.
steele said @ 11:50pm GMT on 15th Jun [Score:1 Informative]
Look, Bleb, I get it. But we have very limited options. I fully agree with you, there's a serious lack of community around here compared to back in the day. I'm not a fan of the never ending politics, it stresses me out. I try to post things that interest me, but then I get no response so I step back and rethink things. It's a different site than back in the day, and holy shit! I hate to be the one to break it to you, but back in our day was over a decade ago. I mean hell, I left the site like 8 years ago because I was over all the endless arguments and shit.

The streaks are a means to an end. If I can ever get the XP system up and running the way I want it, that will hopefully get people modding again which is the part we're missing from the Posts/Moderation = Quality equation. But to be fair, too much content is a good problem to have. The site is still alive, it's still exponentially more active than the old site before it disappeared, and if I can quit running users off (3, 4 now?) by being argumentative with them about how I run things maybe we'll continue the growth we had going into 2017. ;)

If you don't like juiceboxxx's posts I do recommending filtering the pr0n category up to a five or so. That'll at least put it out of sight. I do that myself with politics and dystopian violence. But, those are most clicked posts, including by logged in users. That's still more overall user activity than the political arguments that have same actors over and over again. People may not want to talk about it, but they still like their porn.
RokDragon said @ 6:38pm GMT on 16th Jun
"You're all a bunch of old bastards!" -Old Bastard
mechanical contrivance said @ 7:00pm GMT on 16th Jun
Old Bastard is my favorite brand of aftershave.
mechanical contrivance said @ 7:59pm GMT on 15th Jun
At first, I thought that said geriatric porn.
HairySack said @ 4:09am GMT on 16th Jun [Score:1 Funny]
I didn't expect my tastes in porn would cause so much controversy. :)

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