Saturday, 10 June 2017

Oy the Cat tries to steal my shoe

quote [ "This is the kind of crap Oy does in the morning to get me out of bed. Cute at 10am, not at 4am. #Caturday ]

I got beat on the Adam West. Have some cute stuff. This is how Oy, my cat, wakes me up. He'll grab my stuff and try to steal it. Shoes, glasses, my phone, it all ends up messed with when he wants me up at 4 in the am.

Panda cubs and nanny Mei’s war Ⅱ
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[by steele@4:08pmGMT]


lilmookieesquire said[2] @ 4:10pm GMT on 10th Jun [Score:1 Insightful]
Too slow. Use your admin powers to change the post to an earlier time and then we can all downmod scoob for being too slow. Do you not deserve it for all your hard work hard work hard work hard work

Sorry. I'm trying to be more evil. How am I doing?
steele said @ 4:15pm GMT on 10th Jun
Fuck! Why didn't I think of that?
Hugh E. said @ 4:46pm GMT on 10th Jun [Score:1 Funsightful]
You were Robin-ed!
WeiYang said[1] @ 5:41pm GMT on 10th Jun [Score:1 Good]
+1 for walking the cat.
That's Bandit. If you look close, he has a bird in his mouth.
That's Elsa the Lioness. She knows when it's time for walkies and let's us know if we are slow.
steele said[1] @ 7:06pm GMT on 10th Jun
I don't take Oy for walks anymore so much as when we camp he has a lead that gives him full run of the camp site. He just wears the harness all the time. He's got a couple of bald spots because of it, but he doesn't seem to mind.
Bleb said @ 4:28pm GMT on 10th Jun
notices he's being filmed
momentarily embarrassed
"aw but that lace tho"
Hugh E. said @ 4:41pm GMT on 10th Jun
Very dignified walking harness. Good job.
HoZay said @ 4:55pm GMT on 10th Jun
Original Content! Monetize that cat, he's more photogenic than some of those famous cats.
steele said @ 4:59pm GMT on 10th Jun
That's what I'm thinking! ;) I'm currently using him to experiment and learn my way around the youtube creation system for possible future ventures.
HoZay said @ 5:12pm GMT on 10th Jun
You could be living in a new pickup.
steele said @ 5:30pm GMT on 10th Jun
We're going van next. I'm over pickups. ;)
Taleweaver said @ 1:59pm GMT on 17th Jun
Dude, Oy's not stealing your shoe. He's just trying to hunt those weird things coming out of the ends that look like mousetails. I mean, that's what cats are supposed to to, hunt mice, aren't they? It's not Oy's fault your shoe is attached to something that's indistinguishable from a mousetail.

Oh, and also, if you put a bell on your cat, you deserve to be woken at 4 a.m. by the sound of that bell ringing. How's Oy supposed to be hunting properly with that ghastly thing killing his mojo?
steele said @ 3:14pm GMT on 17th Jun
The bell typically doesn't wake me nor does it stop him from catching things. For him, it's just like he's doing all his hunting on expert mode. He's gotten to the point where if he doesn't want you to hear him, you won't. It's when that bell starts rattles like crazy that I know shit is going down and he's probably caught something. That's when I wake up. Or when he starts climbing on me, back and forth, back and forth. Or when he picks up my glasses in his teeth and drops them off the bed, nightstand, stack of books, or where ever I left them before falling asleep.

He's my adorable, furry little asshole.

And just for the record, I often wake up in the middle of the night to find him fast asleep up between my legs or curled up against my butt when I'm on my side. He's perfectly capable of not waking me when he wants to.
Taleweaver said @ 4:30pm GMT on 21st Jun
So, Oy the cat one day opened your Options menu and set Hunting Difficulty to Expert? Okay, that's one badass of a cat.
steele said @ 4:54pm GMT on 21st Jun
No, I did. Because that's one badass cat.

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