Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tijuana Bibles: Cheap, nasty, porno comic books featuring Mickey, Donald, Popeye, & more

quote [ Tijuana Bibles were eight-page, hand-sized comic books featuring well-known cartoon characters, sporting heroes, and Hollywood film stars in a sequence of hardcore sexual shenanigans. They first appeared sometime in the 1920s as illustrated dirty jokes featuring squeaky clean comic strip characters like Tillie the Toiler and Jiggs and Maggie from “Bringing Up Baby.” The more straightlaced the character, the more outrageous the smut. ]
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[by ScoobySnacks@12:03amGMT]


bbqkink said @ 2:39am GMT on 8th Jun
I am old enough to remember when this was porn...little pamphlets and mimeographed cartoons hidden away in the backs of dresser drawers and under beds.
HoZay said @ 4:49am GMT on 8th Jun
Now I want some goof butts.
zarathustra said @ 7:21am GMT on 8th Jun
Are there any of Archie fucking Mr. Weatherbee? It was all there in the subtext.

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