Saturday, 7 January 2017

Gnardians of the Galaxy (2016)

quote [ Gnardians of the Galaxy opens with a hilarious version of the "I'm Star-Lord" "Who?" Star-Lord, Korath scene, but in this version they are called "Star-Load" and "Kokrath", after this it then introduces the rest of the "Gnardians", Gamwhora, Crax the Dickstroyer, Rocket Raccooch and Groin. It turns out to be a surprisingly competent parody of the film, all things considered. ]


The opening song is incredible! 😃 Enjoy!💋
[NSFW] [pr0n] [+7 Funny]
[by juiceboxxx@12:30amGMT]


ooo[......7 said @ 1:07am GMT on 7th Jan
Oh, porn.

Of course it is.

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