Friday, 6 January 2017

U.S. has ID'd Russians who gave hacked emails to WikiLeaks, source says

quote [ A senior U.S. intelligence official with direct knowledge confirmed to NBC News that the report on Russian hacking delivered to President Obama Thursday says the U.S. intercepted communications where senior Russian officials celebrated Donald Trump's win.
The source described the intelligence about the celebration, first reported by the Washington Post, as a minor part of the overall intelligence report, which makes the case that Russia intervened in the election.
The staffer, who has been briefed on the classified report, said that anyone who sees the evidence would be convinced. "What you will see is that there were evolving goals over time. At the end, they were trying to elect Trump," they said. ]

We'll see how much competing news can cover this up.

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[by HoZay@8:42pmGMT]


HoZay said @ 6:43pm GMT on 7th Jan [Score:1 Funny]
Alex Baldwin continues to troll Trump:
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 9:03pm GMT on 6th Jan
I suppose Trump would know a witch hunt when he sees one, huh? "Crooked Hillary," praising the FBI when it helped, etc.
bbqkink said @ 9:04pm GMT on 6th Jan
Had a guy from r/thedonald really upset because I couldn't make a direct link between the Russian government and Wikileaks. I never really understood why...they hacked it WL published it it seem simple to me but not to him.

I guess this will change their talking points but I still don't understand the relevance...they seem to insinuate it was the Democrat's who fed the info to WL. Which made even less sense.
bbqkink said @ 9:38pm GMT on 6th Jan [Score:1 Good]
Kama-Kiri said[1] @ 10:55pm GMT on 6th Jan
the money shot(s)

"Russia’s intelligence services conducted cyber operations against targets associated with the 2016 US presidential election, including targets associated with both major US political parties."

"We assess with high confidence that Russian military intelligence (General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate or GRU) used the Guccifer 2.0 persona and to release US victim data obtained in cyber operations publicly and in exclusives to media outlets and relayed material to WikiLeaks."

"Russian intelligence obtained and maintained access to elements of multiple US state or local electoral boards. DHS assesses that the types of systems Russian actors targeted or compromised were not involved in vote tallying."

"Russia’s state-run propaganda machine contributed to the influence campaign by serving as a platform for Kremlin messaging to Russian and international audiences."
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 12:44am GMT on 7th Jan
Wikileaks now wants to make a database of all verified Twitter users. Some say this is for doxxing purposes. Any other opinions as to why they'd ask for this info?
Kama-Kiri said[1] @ 2:31am GMT on 7th Jan
Depends if you subscribe to the view that Wikileaks is back-ended by the Russian security services. If so, then sure: it's in your interests to disrupt, distress, and disarm communications you otherwise don't control and completely in line with their active measures program.

I have no clue whether wikileaks really is a Russian front**, but... well, it would not surprise me to learn that what was once a legitimate group trying to keep democracies accountable has been usurped to become a Russian organ. I say that because they'd have been stupid not to make moves to bring it under their control - it's the perfect outlet to use to disrupt western governments after all - the only question in my mind is to what extent they were able to.

**either it is, or the US intelligence is deliberately seeding the idea that it is, take your pick.
LurkerAtTheGate said @ 9:42pm GMT on 6th Jan [Score:1 Insightful]
I get the relevance, but is it anything but a moral victory? Even if the CIA had proof that Trump was High Priest of the Cult of Putin, if he was elected and the Republican legislature supports him, there's no way the election would be invalidated or anything, is there?
bbqkink said @ 9:49pm GMT on 6th Jan
The question is why were all the Trumpets all bent out of shape over who the middle man was.

Here read it for yourself. I would be the ignoramus

This ignoramus claims it does not matter how Wikileaks got the data, but that is of vital importance when you claim Russia affected our elections through WL!
Ebichuman said @ 12:49am GMT on 7th Jan
Painful to read. It is hard to imagine what could convince Trump supporters to even question their own beliefs at this point, much less change them.

Decades of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Drudge, and Bannon have revolutionized propaganda by taking a page from cultists - integrating that simple innovation that you cannot just tell people what to believe if you want to have their blind trust, you have to make them *actively distrust* anything you do not supply them.
bbqkink said @ 1:04am GMT on 7th Jan
Ya, that was what my post about the media was trying to get at. I don't know what can be done but fact checking is an exercise in futility.


Shows how Trump is using the National Enquirer as a news source something that would get him laughed off Reddit let alone this site...and other than this clip nothing from the media...and if we are taking the Enquirer as hard
HoZay said @ 2:10am GMT on 7th Jan
Maddow does way more actual reporting than anyone else on television.
bbqkink said @ 2:27am GMT on 7th Jan
I am very curious to see how this goes. Greta Van Susteren is going to take over the 6et time slot. on MSNBC.

I think that the MSNBC audience is going to like me. I hope the Fox audience comes over here,

This could go either way. A conservative that conservatives can believe working for an agency that doesn't make up the news would be a great thing...but I see a train wreck.

steele said @ 10:10pm GMT on 6th Jan
Ah, but if it's Russia's fault then the Democratic Party doesn't have to change. Not their fault you see. The Russians!!!
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 10:43pm GMT on 6th Jan [Score:1 Funny]
Surely you of all people can see the benefit from news like this possibly encouraging a bit more cybersecurity?
steele said @ 10:51pm GMT on 6th Jan
That's funny. You're funny.
bbqkink said[1] @ 10:53pm GMT on 6th Jan
"While election officials are still tabulating ballots, the 126 million votes already counted means about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots this year. That measure of turnout is the lowest in a presidential election since 1996, when 53.5% of voting-age citizens turned out."

Ya those dumb Russians wasting all that time and money.
steele said @ 11:14pm GMT on 6th Jan [Score:1 Informative]
bbqkink said[1] @ 11:16pm GMT on 6th Jan
I stand corrected I was working with old data.
lilmookieesquire said @ 11:09pm GMT on 6th Jan
"senior Russian officials celebrated Donald Trump's win"
bbqkink said[1] @ 11:11pm GMT on 6th Jan
Well they had put a lot of work into it. And in case you were insinuating Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack

Not kidding it is really getting hard to tell the Green rhetoric from the Trumpets.
lilmookieesquire said @ 11:16pm GMT on 6th Jan [Score:1 Underrated]
You "democrats" are the reason Trump is going to get *another* four years.

I'm calling that now, officially.
bbqkink said[3] @ 11:19pm GMT on 6th Jan
I take we won't be able to count on your vote this time either? Aren't you Canadian? And that is pretty bold seeing as we don't even have a candidate. And here we are with the Trumpet rhetoric again.
lilmookieesquire said @ 11:37pm GMT on 6th Jan
1) I live in California, it's not a battle ground state
2) I *still* voted for Hilary
3) I've explained both of these things to you *multiple times.
4) Attitudes like this turn off millenials and will be why trump will get another four years.
bbqkink said[1] @ 12:08am GMT on 7th Jan
ya I remember now.

And what attitude do you mean exactly. If you are talking about my feeling that anybody who didn't do what ever they could do to stop Trump are in no way representing a progressive agenda and probably did more to harm than any other single event in the last 100 years.

Now if Trump turns out to be a good president I will look mighty silly. I am a progressive after all, a proud member of the Sanders Warren wing of the Democratic party. And firmly believe and said Trump is a different sort of cat . This is no ordinary president. I firmly believe he is mentally ill and is a great danger to the Republic on many levels.

The election is over and everybody here has made their beliefs well know and I am more than willing to keep mine to myself but when prodded by someone who insinuates my action and that of my party helped elect Trump when they voted for...well we have been through this.

My point is This is going to be so ugly in 4 years...well I don't think I am going to have to work so hard to keep Trump out of the Whitehouse.
lilmookieesquire said @ 1:25am GMT on 7th Jan
I totally disagree. I think he will be so disgusting and disheartening that an entire generation of millennial's will be fed up with politics. When people don't vote, Republicans win. The Democrats are doing absolutely nothing to energize the millennial base. The Republicans don't need to energize the millennial's. They don't want to. The millennial's are progressive. The Democrats need to be engaging millennial's. And every time someone mentions that, at least five people from this "progressive website" pooh-pooh the idea. This is something Democrats need to do and Republicans don't have to.
bbqkink said[3] @ 2:05am GMT on 7th Jan
You have got it backwards..millennial base doesn't need to be motivated they will take over the party. It almost happened this time. Time does nothing but strengthen them.

"millennial's will be fed up with politics"

Until it starts to really hurt , until things they believe in start to disappear . And if my guess is right it won't be hard to tell who is inflicting the pain. This culture is driven by Facebook and Twitter Trump built all of this on that platform. And when it turns it will bury him.

Right now there is nothing he could do , like he said literally shoot someone nothing, but soon he will be the President. All the bad things will be his bad things.

Right now the Dems need to worry about the Midterms and the direction of the party. Governorships and Statehouses are more important than even the US Senate. Oh they could blow it. If the 3rd way keeps control then it could all go south in a hurry.

Bernie's new job is a big deal, it allows him to set the tone. The election of DNC Chair is extremely important. The third way is trying to say it is a proxy fight for Bernie vs Clinton...well damn right it is.

The biggest problem right now in the Democratic party is the Black voters not the millennials. They have become used to a power structure that is based on race and identity not on economics and class. The real problem there is they are being led by the best and strongest politician we have in the party.

I have little doubt that the progressive will take over the party but will the minority voters vote their pocket books or vote with their churches and old alliances.
There is a split in party there always has been. But this time the power and energy is not on the side of the third way. Like when the 3rd way took power they did it because they liberals were losing badly. This time I believe the populist wing can take power and the liberals will come along the question remains will minorities join or sit on the sidelines.

A complete unknown is what the Mexican American voters will do. The will respond to the populist message but are basically conservative and could split over religious issues. Trump is the Dems best bet with this small but growing demographic.
HoZay said @ 2:20am GMT on 7th Jan
Better hope you've got some good progressive black candidates.
bbqkink said[2] @ 2:30am GMT on 7th Jan
Yep. I hope Ellison can help with that but I am afraid of the religious backlash in the black community.


And this is going to be important as well. This time the progressives won't be foreigners to the party. (THANK YOU BERNIE)

Do you want to change which people get elected to the DNC?

Read this for all of your answers!
bbqkink said @ 5:53pm GMT on 7th Jan
Seen AM joy this morning while drinking my coffee. She did the "black media" interview with Ellison today, Sharpton is doing on with Tom Perez tomorrow. I will post the Ellison interview as soon as its up.
bbqkink said @ 8:10pm GMT on 7th Jan
Here is the interview. Even though the interviews is with Ellison you can get the feeling he is not first choice. Almost as much face time for Perez especially in the 2nd part . The interview was good and fair even so.

AM Joy 1/7/17
Rep. Keith Ellison talks DNC campaign

Rep. Keith Ellison, Pt. 2
bbqkink said @ 9:01pm GMT on 7th Jan
HoZay said @ 9:07pm GMT on 7th Jan [Score:1 Hot Pr0n]
bbqkink said @ 9:33pm GMT on 7th Jan
Reinforces my support.
bbqkink said @ 6:20pm GMT on 8th Jan
7 said @ 12:27am GMT on 7th Jan
The phrase “Strawman sockpuppet” exists to describe someone who pretends to support a cause in a deliberate effort to dissuade others from that cause.

There should be a similar phrase for someone who really supports a cause, but their support unintentionally dissuades others from the cause.
bbqkink said[1] @ 12:33am GMT on 7th Jan
There is a phrase for those action only exasperate their objectives as well Cutting off the nose to spite the face . Lets give it couple of years and see which one of those phrases best apply shall we.
lilmookieesquire said @ 1:21am GMT on 7th Jan
LI really wish I never read animal Farm because all I can think about are the sheep characters . I find it kind of disheartening that human nature and politics has changed so little written
HP Lovekraftwerk said[1] @ 12:14am GMT on 7th Jan
You're starting to sound a lot like numbers. That's troubling.

Edit: And a sycophant took your cue for the mod in the usual Pavlovian manner. Thanks for not saying "boring," I guess.
steele said @ 12:17am GMT on 7th Jan
Now you're just being mean.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 12:27am GMT on 7th Jan
And I'm finding you (and others) looking at every article about Trump as an excuse for others to not change their policies, a call to overturn the election, or a sign they're not reading the right books. The man is probably going to be in charge of the country for four years. Are you going to treat every bit of reporting about him through that "Listen, Liberal" lens? If so, it's going to be even more miserable for everyone.

Can't news about the POTUS/POTUS-elect be news and not all that insinuation?
steele said @ 12:49am GMT on 7th Jan
See, now you're back to being funny, because he's probably going to run things for eight. The Democratic party has a serious problem on their hands and since they don't want to address that problem we can probably look forward to eight long years of endless excuses about how the Dems don't need to change while the government is dismantled. Seriously, you think I'm supposed to expect increased cyber security out of this? I just spent the last year and half being told by Democrats how inconsequential all that is. This is propaganda. What we need is nationwide independent electoral oversight. What we're going to get is more bullshit security theater. Only this time it's going to be cyber, so much cyber. The cyber is going to be so intense we're not even going to able to odd. That's how much our security is going to cybered. You won't be able to believe it.
bbqkink said @ 12:50am GMT on 7th Jan
Well said. You are much more polite than I am, but then I am old and crotchety.
But seriously how about NEWS as a category, wouldn't that do it?
bbqkink said[2] @ 10:43pm GMT on 6th Jan [Score:-2]
filtered comment under your threshold
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 10:44pm GMT on 6th Jan
Why must it change the outcome of the election? If it happened, I'd like it to be known, analyzed, and prevented in the future.
Kama-Kiri said @ 10:49pm GMT on 6th Jan
"trying to elect Trump" - sure - but it's what they did or did not do towards achieving this that matters, leaked videos of Putin high-fiving his FSB buddies after the results were announced doesn't add anything material to the discussion.
bbqkink said[2] @ 11:03pm GMT on 6th Jan
That will never be known. But it is easy to speculate it had some effect. And that they were happy with the results.
yunnaf said @ 2:03am GMT on 7th Jan
Seems to me Obama lost the election and wiped out the Dems, Senate, House of Representatives and 34 states.
HoZay said @ 2:49am GMT on 7th Jan
It has to be some democrat's fault.
lilmookieesquire said @ 6:01am GMT on 7th Jan
The only thing I spite Obama on is not pushing as hard as possible to fill the SCOTUS position.
GordonGuano said @ 2:03pm GMT on 7th Jan [Score:1 Underrated]
The push for equality in school discipline wasn't one of his greatest moments either. Still not sorry to have voted for him twice.
steele said[3] @ 8:22pm GMT on 7th Jan

hmm, html filter is filtering out the width css. Gotta figure out what's up with that.

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