Friday, 30 December 2016

Denied: Houston schools block disabled kids from special education

quote [ Houston schools provide special education services to a lower percentage of students than schools in virtually any other big city in America. Only Dallas serves fewer than Houston's 7.26 percent. The national average is 13 percent.

For months, as special education has come under increasing scrutiny in Texas, Houston Independent School District officials have described their percentage as a good thing, saying it is the product of robust early interventions that have helped students without labeling them.

But a Houston Chronicle investigation has found that HISD achieved its low special education rate by deliberately discouraging and delaying evaluations in pursuit of goals that have clearly denied critical services to thousands of children with disabilities. ]
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SnappyNipples said @ 3:33pm GMT on 30th Dec
"His mother said she asked HISD three times in five years to evaluate him for special education. Each time, the district said no."

What got the ball rolling was that they finally found an advocate who knew the ropes. I would bet my life that most of the parents who had their children denied to be screened are the poor families who have not the wherewithal or knowledge on how to enact IDEA, SPED law, and knowing how to put the fear of god into the school district.

When you have the advocate and the knowledge base you don't ask for a screening, you demand one for the reasons of X, Y, and Z. School district can do only two things: agree to the screening or go to court. In most SPED case law, the school loses in court. If found in favor the parent the school is liable for the years of disservice with all the people involved in the process open to civil litigation against them for making a very bad error in the child's education.

So if Trump doesn't abolish the Dept of ED I believe HISD and AISD should fear that the feds will come down on them sooner or later.
Dienes said @ 5:40pm GMT on 30th Dec
Exactly. Schools are great at being intimidating. Imagine being a single mom with a HS education that comes to the school and is sat at a table with literally 10 people with advanced degrees, and they all gang up on you to tell you flat-out something isn't possible. You WANT to trust your kid's teachers. You WANT to cooperate. And they schools WILL intimidate, bully, coerce, and lie to parents to save money. (And, most of the time, lay the blame on the parent for the difficulties the child is experiencing.)

Advocates are worth their weight in gold.
satanspenis666 said @ 11:41pm GMT on 30th Dec
What good are 10 advanced degrees, when you only use them to deny people services that they are eligible for?

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