Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Carrie Fisher Dead at 60

quote [ Carrie Fisher, the iconic actress who portrayed Princess Leia in the 'Star Wars' series, died following a massive heart attack. She was 60. ]

Very sad news, she was a true icon and a great lady.
Yeah, I know, 2016. Just wait till 2017.

Princess Leia with R2D2 aka Kenny Baker, who also died this year.

The great 2016 celebrity die-off somewhat explained

tl;dr version: Yes, more notable people have died in 2016. Why? Mainly because we have a lot more notable people than we used to, mainly because of the concurrence of the baby boom and the explosion of mass media, and we're now reaching a sort of critical mass of famous people of dying age (including a lot more people like Carrie Fisher whose excessive boomer youths may have accelerated the process). Yes, it will continue and probably get worse. It's easier than ever to become famous.
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SnappyNipples said @ 11:03pm GMT on 27th Dec [Score:1 Underrated]
We still have time for 2016 to take Trump, something as simple as a piano dropping on his head.
7 said @ 11:17pm GMT on 27th Dec
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 3:00am GMT on 28th Dec
He's also in his seventies, has what appears to be a Dead-Head in a labcoat for a personal physician, and seems to have anger management issues. A coronary isn't out of the question.
GordonGuano said @ 10:10am GMT on 28th Dec
Thank you for reminding us that Mike "Zap the Traps" Pence is one heartbeat away from the Presidency. Here's to the God-Emperor spending 10,000 years on the Golden Throne.
ComposerNate said @ 12:12pm GMT on 28th Dec [Score:1 Interesting]
This year of celebrity deaths can be traced back to Reagan/Bush allowing Nicaragua rebel groups to sell cocaine in the USA to fund their Contra war against the elected government.
KingPellinore said @ 1:36pm GMT on 28th Dec
Are you secretly Madpride?
ComposerNate said @ 6:37pm GMT on 28th Dec [Score:1 Insightful]
If the Iran Contra scandal was easier to understand, Reagan/Bush would have been executed for treason.
midden said @ 8:25pm GMT on 28th Dec
I was about to disagree, then did my homework. I'm not sure they would have been executed, but their actions clearly fall within the Constitutional definition of Treason. As usual in these situations, it would have come down to deciding who new what and when they knew it.
yogi said @ 8:02am GMT on 30th Dec [Score:1 Original]
About 10 or 15 years ago, circulating around the Net was a photo of Chewie with his paw on Leia's boob, his mouth open in a roar and hers in mock horror, both of them clearly enjoying the setup. I printed out a copy and took it to a dinner where Carrie Fisher was the guest of honor. The org she was speaking for was a recovery outlet for women. She was an excellent speaker very open and hilarious.

But to get back to the photo, afterwards Carrie was signing autographs. I took her the photo of Chewie and Leia. She had this wondrous look on her face when she asked me, "Where did you get this?" I told her the Net, and that I knew she might love it. She did.

She signed it to me, with my name, with something really nice.

It's my favorite photo.
shiftace said @ 6:39pm GMT on 27th Dec
It is going to be slim pickings for the Reaper of 2017.
mechanical contrivance said @ 6:40pm GMT on 27th Dec [Score:5 Funny]
No, he died in 1983.
Leezurd said @ 7:25am GMT on 28th Dec
- too soon!
Anti_fuites said @ 6:45pm GMT on 27th Dec
And yet somehow Shane Macgowan still draws breath
cb361 said @ 6:55pm GMT on 27th Dec
It's no place for the old.
hellboy said @ 6:46pm GMT on 27th Dec
Someone must still have a backup of 2015. Can we reboot this year and run it again from the top?
HoZay said @ 6:51pm GMT on 27th Dec
Well, fuck.
XregnaR said @ 7:05pm GMT on 27th Dec
Well,Reaper 2016 got the "excessive living icons" merit badge, that's for sure.
Bruceski said @ 7:06pm GMT on 27th Dec
slaytanik said @ 7:15pm GMT on 27th Dec
KingPellinore said[2] @ 8:22pm GMT on 27th Dec
midden said @ 9:23pm GMT on 27th Dec
It's good to see that Princess Leia is still in the first page of google image hits for "gold bikini."
Dienes said @ 1:02pm GMT on 28th Dec [Score:1 Funsightful]
pleaides said @ 9:38pm GMT on 27th Dec
MFDork said @ 10:27pm GMT on 27th Dec
If I had to look back on my life, and on the women that influenced it, outside of friends and family she was probably the one that shaped my ideas of what a woman could be. Every time we went to the local video store, I’d ask two things: “Can I rent a game?” (usually no) and “Can I rent Star Wars?” (exasperated yes). I never grew up thinking women couldn’t do something a man could do, and I pin a whole lot of that on Princess Leia kicking ass in A New Hope.

Dienes said @ 11:49pm GMT on 27th Dec
I wonder how they are going to handle Episode 9 now.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 3:01am GMT on 28th Dec
They'll have an on-screen death of a similar-looking actress wrapped in bad CGI.

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