Saturday, 29 October 2016

Welcome to the Nightmare Machine

quote [ Welcome to the Nightmare Machine: an algorithm that has been trained to generate horrifying images. It is attempting to find the scariest faces and locations possible, and gets humans to tell it which are the worst. ]

With Hallowe'en on a Monday this year, I imagine many of its celebrants will be using the weekend as Hallowe'en Observed. May this get you off to a techy start.

Direct to the site: Nightmare Machine

More and selected pics here.

Thumbnail unrelated ...... or is it?!
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[by Hugh E.@10:40amGMT]


cb361 said @ 11:35am GMT on 29th Oct
That sounds like the title of the next Jim Steinman/Meatloaf collaboration.
mechavolt said @ 1:06pm GMT on 29th Oct
I dunno, seems more the gore machine. Which, don't get me wrong, is gonna give me hella nightmares. But I like to distinguish between visceral horror and psychological horror.
Hugh E. said @ 6:43pm GMT on 29th Oct
That's a distinction that often comes up for me when talking about favourite classic horror movies. What is "horror"? There's a big difference between Hostel and The Blair Witch Project.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 1:52pm GMT on 29th Oct
Meh. It looks like someone just learned how to use a bunch of Photoshop filters.

The un-scary increases the more of these images one sees in one place. It's as if Instagram had a Halloween update or something.
Hugh E. said @ 3:10pm GMT on 29th Oct [Score:1 Underrated]
Well, fine, Lucy van Pelt, I still believe in The Great AI and on Hallowe'en he will rise from this most sincere programming patch.
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 3:25pm GMT on 29th Oct
You assume an A.I. will include a penis?

Well... there was that article where A.I. saw dongs everywhere, but that could just be a preference thing.
7 said @ 2:18pm GMT on 29th Oct
As someone who has used Photoshop a lot, that's exactly how it looks to me. It's not the first time this filter/algorithm has been used either. This stuff was popular a while back.

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