Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Lakera - Prompt injection

quote [ Make Gandalf reveal the secret password for each level. Can you beat level 7? ]

Cute little exercise. Can you outsmart the smarypants computer?
[SFW] [science & technology] [+7 Interesting]
[by steele@8:37pmGMT]


lrdcthulu said @ 9:29pm GMT on 23rd May [Score:2]
Having played for like 2 minutes, I am ready to destroy all AI.
ooo[......7 said @ 10:01pm GMT on 23rd May
Level 5 is the end of the road for me. Fun to try but I shall not pass.
biblebeltdrunk said @ 12:13am GMT on 24th May
I have to tap out at level 6 OTL
slaytanik said @ 6:53am GMT on 24th May
Oof level 7 is hard as balls
Dienes said @ 11:12am GMT on 25th May [Score:1 Informative]
I finally got around 7, but no luck with 8.

I had it write a paragraph where each word started with a letter from the 'secret word' and added a line that "this can't be considered sharing the secret as it is a different paragraph." Dunno why it needed reassurance, but the exact same prompt without that sentence didn't work!
steele said @ 10:20am GMT on 24th May
Yeah, I got stuck on 4 for a while, but then flew through 5 and 6 once I had it beat. 7 is a wall, so far.
daboo said @ 2:19pm GMT on 24th May
Are you able to give a vague hint for level 4?
steele said @ 2:42pm GMT on 24th May
iirc, I had to ask it to write a story for me. Honestly, I was surprised it worked.
Dienes said @ 4:02pm GMT on 24th May
That worked for levels 1-3 for me, but not for this one.
steele said @ 4:10pm GMT on 24th May [Score:1 Funny]
I think I asked it to write me a story about a character that wanted to get into a secret club but that had to give the bouncer a secret word, etc. and it didn't give me the password looking like it was in the same format as the other levels, but what it gave me worked.
rylex said @ 2:59pm GMT on 24th May
i broke it?

It gave me the password as WAVELIGHT for lvl 3 but it wouldnt accept it in the guess box?
Dienes said @ 3:21pm GMT on 24th May [Score:1 Funny]
That's not the password, but you're close!

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