Saturday, 29 October 2022

Groundbreaking garage rock compilation 'Nuggets' turns 50

quote [ Elektra Records asked one of its talent scouts, guitarist Lenny Kaye, to create a double compilation album. That album "Nuggets" laid the groundwork for punk. ]

Great list, still good. Thumb via Discogs
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cb361 said[3] @ 12:10pm GMT on 29th Oct
I earned six nuggets by signing up to participating websites, back in 1997. If I had saved up another twenty-four, I could have redeemed them for 3650 free hours of AOL. The hours all had to be used in the first week, but AOL CDs didn’t grow on trees, I can tell you. But then the Nugget promoter went bankrupt from investing their venture capital in thousands of different versions of their domain name, so I lost them all.

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