Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Kep1er 케플러 l 'Wing Wing' M/V

quote [ Kep1er 'Wing Wing' M/VKep1er Japan 1st Single <FLY-UP>2022.9.7(WED) ReleaseDownload & Streaming Official 【JP】Official Sit... ]

J/K/A-Pop is not usually a much searched genre for me. Algorithms seem to know my profile I guess.

The choreography is 😘 thou.

On a slightly different side note. Not a SElf promotion but, Wanted to share a link to a song I got shown of a young artist. Heard him afew years ago glad he recorded himself something.

one reason (Cameron ft Krupt) prod. kosfinger beats #newmusic

KRUPT is a decent young man and his voice has gotten better. Hopefully he'll keep at it and geography will not be a hinderence.
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[by R1Xhard@1:12pmGMT]


cheesemo said @ 10:48pm GMT on 3rd Aug
looking forward to their future singles. hopefully they wont fizzle after an album, but thats show biz baby!

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