Sunday, 10 July 2022

Why Hip-Hop Fans Miss the Blog Era

quote [ Remember, blogs peaked at the height of the hipster era. There was social capital in being up on trends before others. Blog curators gave superfans confidence that a rising artist was worth investing in.

It turned into two-sided experience. Artists needed superfans to spread the word to other hip-hop fans. Superfans needed artists to deliver good music so they can enjoy and share with friends. Everybody won. ]

I like how these media retrospectives explain stuff from the past that you didn't realize back then. Interesting accounts on balancing human curation, too.
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mechanical contrivance said @ 1:34pm GMT on 10th Jul
But not all artists make good music and not all fans recognize good music when they hear it.
arrowhen said @ 3:18pm GMT on 11th Jul
What makes music good other than a listener recognizing it as good?
mechanical contrivance said @ 4:00pm GMT on 11th Jul
What I mean is, just because someone with a blog thinks a song is good, doesn't mean other people will, too.

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