Thursday, 7 April 2022

FBI arrests 2 men in DC accused of impersonating federal officers

quote [ The FBI arrested two men in Washington, DC, Wednesday for allegedly impersonating Department of Homeland Security agents for more than two years, giving expensive gifts to federal agents in DC, providing them apartments and offering to purchase a weapon for a Secret Service agent assigned to first lady Jill Biden, according to an affidavit. ]

Impersonated DHS agents for 2 years? What The Actual Fuck?! Remind me again why we have DHS and what job they're supposed to provide?
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[by rylex@1:50pmGMT]


conception said @ 7:38pm GMT on 7th Apr [Score:1 WTF]
The fuck?
rylex said @ 8:05pm GMT on 7th Apr
no idea. article only gives so much info and leaves more questions than it answers
biblebeltdrunk said @ 11:49pm GMT on 7th Apr [Score:1 Informative]
I saw someone across the street live tweet that raid as it was happening. They were counting the agencies involved because so many were involved. Apparently it involved multiple units being searched accost at least two floors.
Igor said @ 2:02am GMT on 8th Apr [Score:1 Informative]
Breaking in some channels they were from Pakistan Intel agency.

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