Wednesday, 16 February 2022

The Sex Scene Is Dead. Long Live the Sex Scene

quote [ Four critics discuss erotic thrillers, prosthetic penises, “Euphoria,” and the state of desire onscreen. ]

It's red hot sex scene
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[by ScoobySnacks@6:02amGMT]


cb361 said[1] @ 11:48am GMT on 16th Feb
Those vole experiments are seriously fucked-up.

One [vole] pressed the lever [it thinks will reunite it with its mate] for roughly three hours until Donaldson’s colleague gave up and ended the experiment.

And heartbroken voles won't fight so hard to survive when dropped into water. No shit.
cb361 said @ 5:25pm GMT on 16th Feb
Whoops. I was actually thinking of this article, which has scientists torturing voles for their emotional secrets.
hellboy said @ 8:03pm GMT on 17th Feb
What kind of fucked-up horror movies are you watching???
cb361 said @ 9:06pm GMT on 17th Feb
If I knew for sure that I'm a zombie, I'd bite you.
Hugh E. said @ 9:23pm GMT on 17th Feb
Apologies. I swear I searched first.
cb361 said @ 9:39pm GMT on 17th Feb
Don't worry - SE needs all the activity it can get.

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