Saturday, 23 October 2021

Stop Shopping

quote [ Despite those concerns, few seem willing to acknowledge that the record amount of stuff being brought into the country isn’t merely disappearing off store shelves. We know where it’s going, and we know who’s buying it all up. They—and maybe you—could simply knock it off. ]

Is it Buy Nothing Day again already?
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[by Paracetamol@7:32pmGMT]


damnit said @ 6:30am GMT on 24th Oct
Something I learned about PS5 scalping. There's a bigger scalper group that is buying up all the PS5s bought by people trying to make a quick buck or smaller scalper groups.

The bigger scalper group sells and ships the PS5s sold in the US to other countries. Countries outside the US end up paying most tech products for higher prices. So this is a win for the scalper group.
smoki said @ 10:28pm GMT on 24th Oct
In the light of the article: You don't need PS5. I bet there are plenty of AMAZING PS4 or even PS3 games which you haven't played yet out there. The graphic is slightly worse, but that's it.
damnit said @ 11:47pm GMT on 24th Oct
I'm still going through my PS4 games.

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