Thursday, 21 October 2021

Venezuela condemns illegal kidnapping of envoy Alex Saab

quote [ Venezuela’s special diplomatic envoy, Alex Saab, was extradited to the United States on Saturday October 16 after being detained in Cape Verde for 491 days. Saab was arrested in Cape Verde on June 12, 2020 at the request of the US government when his plane was refueling at the Amilcar Cabral International Airport on the island of Sal. Following his extradition on Saturday, the Venezuelan government released an official statement condemning Saab’s “kidnapping” by the US with complicity of Cape Verdean authorities. ]

You may remember Saab as the Venezuelan envoy who the US went after for trying to secure food and supplies for Venezuela's poor, rebelling against the US's murderous sanctions.

UN Expert Releases Full Report on Impact of US-led Sanctions Against Venezuela

UN Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan reiterated her call for sanctions relief, stating they undermine Venezuelans’ human rights.

Oh, and Venezuela is still not allowed access to their own gold.
UK High Court Nears Decision in Fight Over Venezuelan Gold | International

Lawyers for contested Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro contend that the U.K. should not be able to determine the fate of the assets of a sovereign nation.

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EvilNinjaX24 said @ 8:12pm GMT on 21st Oct [Score:1 Underrated]
"Illegal" kidnapping makes me think there's a way to legally kidnap someone.
mechanical contrivance said @ 8:29pm GMT on 21st Oct [Score:1 Insightful]
I think that's called arresting them.
cb361 said @ 7:40pm GMT on 21st Oct
Thank goodness that I have never fought the global capitalistic regime.
steele said @ 8:49pm GMT on 21st Oct
Don't worry, in this advancing cyberpunk dystopia, there's still time!
Naruki said @ 2:47am GMT on 22nd Oct
I clicked this post 3 times before I realized I was seeing the post, not a glitch that just redisplayed the main page.

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