Friday, 17 September 2021

Are We In the Last Days of Civilization? | Filling the Void

quote [ The Void. We all feel it, to varying degrees. And we all try to fill it in different ways. In this episode of Filling the Void, a collaboration between Vic B... ]

Are you ready for APOPHIS?
[SFW] [dystopian violence]
[by slaytanik@7:53amGMT]


coffeejoejava said @ 11:48am GMT on 17th Sep
Being ready for an unplanned emergency is one thing....but these people have taken the blue pill. Smart folks, especially those in nature disaster prone areas (hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes...whatever) should be prepared for a week or two without power or a safe water source. if you do not, you end up with what happened in new Orleans after katrina and the horrors of the SuperDome. That sort of prepping is not "fringe" but smart.
bluebrad said @ 5:10am GMT on 21st Sep
also plan on where to go and stay when you are evacuated. having that be apart of a master plan saved you a lot of pain.

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