Tuesday, 14 September 2021

U.K. Parliament report details how NATO's 2011 war in Libya was based on lies

quote [ British investigation: Gaddafi was not going to massacre civilians; Western bombing made Islamist extremism worse ]

The number of people I know who know flat out nothing about Libya but rationalized Gaddafi's violent murder in the streets because he was kinda creepy to Condoleezza Rice is too damn high. We took a country with the highest standards of living in Africa and turned it into a war zone with open air slave markets.

Mission Accomplished, y'all.👏👏👏
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WeiYang said @ 2:18am GMT on 15th Sep [Score:1 Underrated]
I, for one, am shocked, shocked I tell you to find gambling at Rick's Cafe.

This was part and parcel of the Obama admin's Arab Spring generated policies that also brought us such hits as "Isis Destroys Palmyra" and "Ratline to the Jihadis? What Ratline to the Jihadis?" and very nearly turned all of Syria into what Libya is. Turned a good deal of it into ISISland for a while.

The amount of effortful fuckery that one needs to engage in to make Vladimir Goddamn Putin the good guy buggers description, and the Russians were goddamn sure the goodguys in that, because we were busy making things worse.

Obama was a better president that we have had in some time on either side of his administration, but that shit was war crimes.
steele said[1] @ 7:58pm GMT on 14th Sep

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