Thursday, 29 July 2021

Abolish The Suburbs

quote [ Socialists should realize that their rightwing critics were onto something when they criticized dense urban areas for their latent socialistic characteristics. ]

Good argument. The critique is US-centric but might apply to other countries.
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coffeejoejava said @ 1:03am GMT on 31st Jul [Score:-2]
If socialism is so great, why are the citizens of those countries flocking to the United States (if they are able to)? Please.....can someone name a successful socialist country? Anyone?
Paracetamol said @ 4:58am GMT on 31st Jul
It's a paper from Social Democrats, nothing too radical.
cb361 said @ 11:25am GMT on 31st Jul
He's got me there. My proto-Communist brain is blown.
conception said @ 5:56am GMT on 4th Aug [Score:-2]
One of the interesting things in the Capitalism vs Socialism conversations is that people think the US is a purely capitalistic nation. But... do you drive? Have you driven on a freeway? BOOM SOCIALISM! Do you like the police and fire departments? BOOM SOCIALISM! Do you get a flu shot? CREATED BY SOCIALISM! Did you get your covid vaccine? SOCIALISM! Do you like Yosemite? Yellowstone? SOCIALISM! The US Military itself as an organization is one of the most pure forms of socialism on the planet. I could do this all day. When people want more Socialism in the US, generally they mean they want the government to take care of its citizens more - the obvious examples being medicare 4 all and college - because literally every developed nation in the world does these things already. That tragedy of the commons and natural monopolies exist and that turning those sorts of things over to a motive of only profit is not good for our society, our country or the world. People flock to the US because we make a lot of money. Not because we have the best standard of living. But we could - we'd just have to have the rich make a little less money. But the rich are pretty good at owning media companies and selling a narrative.

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