Monday, 5 April 2021

Why It's Morally Okay To Pirate All Of Sony's Games (The Jimquisition)

quote [ Sony has basically given incentive for us to pirate every PlayStation game under the sun. With their decision to axe the storefronts of three systems and consign thousands of digital games to oblivion, the company has fully telegraphed its regard for entertainment software.

Whether it's PSP, PS Vita, or PS3, you might as well just download everything. At least one Sony executive would agree with you - the one so blinkered he can't even understand why you'd PLAY old games, let alone buy them.

It is morally okay to pirate all the PlayStation games you like. Sony basically loves it. ]

Sony not even giving devs a heads up they were shutting down the store they were developing for would blow my mind if I hadn't spent the last couple years hearing about VR devs jumping through hoops trying to sell on the Oculus Quest.
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cb361 said @ 9:41pm GMT on 5th Apr [Score:3 Underrated]
Morality is just an anthropocentric invention anyway. The Universe doesn't care if you toss babies to alligators, let alone Copyright Infringement. We decide what's moral and what isn't.
arrowhen said @ 4:29am GMT on 7th Apr
The alligator is happy to get a snack, while the baby is dead before it has a chance to be unhappy. Therefore, tossing babies to alligators represents a net gain in happiness and is thus mathematically moral.
mechanical contrivance said @ 6:42pm GMT on 7th Apr
Ignoring the feelings of the parents, that is. It's only moral to feed orphans to alligators.
biblebeltdrunk said @ 6:05pm GMT on 5th Apr
I would say shutting down the digital marketplace is an even worse effect for digital archival work then removing backwards compatibility. & while I can't see this as a justification for pirating ps4-5 games, for everything else it does if they don't have new ports.
cb361 said @ 10:39pm GMT on 5th Apr
Guess we don't need to worry about overloading innocent servers through direct image referencing any more.

zarathustra said @ 11:47pm GMT on 5th Apr
I agree "we" not you. Morality, while it may not be dependent on what the universe has to say, is a reciprocal agreement between people. Those who fuck you over, like, for example, sony, have no moral claim on you.

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