Monday, 22 February 2021

There's a place where you can hug a stranger and never get sick

quote [ From video cuddle sessions to immersive VR experiences, people are finding the next best thing to in-person affection. ]

I ordered my bhaptics vest months ago before everything went crazy with my living situation. Just got it the week before I moved out, it's pretty sweet. I'll do a full review one of these days once I have time to really mess with the SDK, but what I've used it for has been interesting. Lots of additional perks to the VR experience, but I haven't really run across anything that's tried to really mess with your brain's ability to benefit from synesthesia just yet. Half Life: Alyx was fun with the extra sensations here and there for sure, tho. Boneworks was actually a bit scarier, especially big jumps that result in an extra rumble in your midsection.
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