Saturday, 20 February 2021

Look Magazine October 1967 1/2

quote [ 50 Years after the revolution that changed the world: Russia Today ]

Part 2

We've had a few post on Russian architecture lately, so thought I'd share a scan I came across in my research about our propaganda. It's not without its biases, but the pictures alone show much more depth and honesty of what was happening behind the Iron Curtain than much of the propaganda I was exposed to about USSR as a child.

Another dump of pictures, hundreds, a bit more recent.
What was the Soviet Union really like? - Imgur
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endopol said[2] @ 8:10pm GMT on 20th Feb
I especially liked this one: "Russian cherry tree in full fruit"
cherry tree in full fruit
Bob Denver said @ 6:20am GMT on 21st Feb
Look magazine had an amazing article on an entire French village getting high on LSD from ergot-infected rye.

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