Friday, 29 January 2021

Can academics strike? – Culturico

quote [ Until recently, academic labour was outside the labour-capital relationship and did not contribute to the production of surplus-value. Academic work was recognized as useful, irrespective of its exchange-value. The withdrawal of labour, in that context, would have been the withholding of something socially useful, something valuable in and of itself, and the only result would be less research, teaching, or education. ]

Some thoughts to trigger you people. In the end, this is mainly about the broken publication system.
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simnel said @ 3:40pm GMT on 29th Jan [Score:1 Original]
If you're in academia, it's nothing you didn't already know, though it does remind of the ridiculousness of it all. We MUST publish, but we don't make any money for it. Elsevier owns almost everything in academic publishing and pays the people who write the articles nothing. And if you aren't attached to a university, with open access, it costs a fortune to publish. I try to discourage people interested in PhD's because it is so hard to get hired after - I'm in the humanities. And we've tried sriking in the UK over casualisation, but the union is essentially toothless. Academia is a mess.
Dienes said @ 2:32pm GMT on 29th Jan
Who is this supposed to trigger outside of the old straight white cismen in administrative positions of academia?

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