Monday, 11 January 2021

Cookie Clicker Explained

quote [ This is a video about clicking cookies. ]

This is a post about an amusing video about clicking cookies.

Cookie Clicker is such a monstrous game. I don't think I unlocked half the crap they cover in the video.
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[by steele@7:02pmGMT]


Dienes said @ 8:25pm GMT on 11th Jan [Score:1 Informative]
And the video doesn't cover the most recent additions like the stock market.
steele said @ 8:46pm GMT on 11th Jan
5th Earth said @ 4:10am GMT on 13th Jan [Score:1 Underrated]
I come back to it every 6 months or so. I'm aware it's stupid but honestly I'm not too picky about where I get my dopamine from. If it works, it works.
Paracetamol said @ 9:55pm GMT on 14th Jan [Score:1 Good]
steele said @ 3:05am GMT on 15th Jan
Good shit. I read up on that back when i was making Facebook apps.
conception said @ 9:33pm GMT on 11th Jan
Whoa... 2014 coming back to get me.
mechanical contrivance said @ 1:43am GMT on 12th Jan
I have 591 out of 613 upgrades, not including the heavenly upgrades. The developer keeps adding more stuff, so even after I get all the current upgrades, there will be more to get.
mechavolt said[2] @ 2:32am GMT on 12th Jan
I've recently gotten into Melvor Idle, which is kind of like an idle version of Runescape. It doesn't have crazy mechanics or secrets, but rather has a bunch of different skills that synergize with each other like in Runescape (e.g., Woodcutting gets you logs which you can burn in Firemaking which allows you to upgrade your cooking fire for your Cooking skill which uses fish from your Fishing skill to create HP restoring meals for combat).
ooo[......7 said[2] @ 3:28am GMT on 12th Jan
I can't get into this game, the only clicker I could tolerate was Universal Paperclips and even then the real joy and excitement I got from the game came from getting others hooked and watching them slip deeper and deeper into it's wire clipper based insanity.

Remember: If you aren't clicking the make paperclip button at all times, you are a terrible paperclip robot and should start clicking make paperclip more.
steele said @ 7:08pm GMT on 12th Jan
Lol, I'll have a post for you tomorrow. ;)
microbio said @ 3:06pm GMT on 13th Jan
My productivity plummeted to zero today.

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