Sunday, 3 January 2021

The McTrain: The Rise and Fall of McDonald's Ambitious Plan to Conquer the Railroads

quote [ It sounded like a great idea—until it wasn't. ]

Just like a McDonalds fries, sir (make it)
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mechavolt said @ 2:01am GMT on 4th Jan
I love train travel, I really wish we had better infrastructure for it in the US. One of my favorite trips within the US was an Amtrak from FL to VA, with my car along for the ride. There was just something relaxing about it, the steady rhythm of the tracks, the scenery passing by, being able to stretch and head down to the dining car for a bite to eat. Slow as fuck, though. I've been on some faster trains in Europe, and travelling that way was amazing.
Bruceski said @ 9:13am GMT on 4th Jan
One long school break I dreamed of taking the train from my college in Oregon back home to New Mexico. There's trains through Santa Fe all the time, I figured, some must carry passengers.

Nope. If I'd done that my only option was to go down the coast on train and then sit on a bus for two days. Hard pass.
Marcel said @ 5:10pm GMT on 4th Jan
The train from Eugene to Oakland was rather nice back when I was in college.
I wouldn't do the bus ride, either.
cb361 said @ 11:05am GMT on 4th Jan
The difficulties that mcDonalds had running a restaurant car sound the same as for anyone else running a dining car. Since it is possible, in spite of the difficulties, the real question is why weren’t they able to make it work. I guess that the economics only make sense for high end operators, not stack em high and sell em cheap merchants.
mechavolt said @ 1:46pm GMT on 4th Jan
It looks like they tried to source the supplies from pre-existing McDonald's locations at stops along the way, rather than create a new supply chain directly to the train operation. It also looks like they weren't able to figure out the logistics of the workers, which sounds insanely stupid considering the trains themselves have to deal with something similar and don't seem to have any problems. In short, it sounds like they tried to run the train operation similar to one of their brick and mortars without taking into account the unique environment.

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