Tuesday, 29 December 2020

A Scary Amount of Nutrition Science Has Deep Ties to The Food Industry, Study Reveals

quote [ The food industry has their fingers all over our nutrition research. According to a new analysis, one out of every eight leading, peer-reviewed studies on nutrition is tied to business.

Even worse, this conflict of interest, although acknowledged explicitly within the scientific journals, tends to produce results that favour business, and potentially with misleading consequences.

"Where the food industry is involved, research findings are nearly six times more likely to be favourable to their interests than when there is no food industry involvement." ]

Banned bread: why does the US allow additives that Europe says are unsafe? | US news | The Guardian

And did you know that US companies often make healthier versions of their US products to ship overseas?
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[by steele@7:54pmGMT]


mechanical contrivance said @ 8:46pm GMT on 29th Dec
Well, duh.
cb361 said[1] @ 12:07am GMT on 30th Dec
"One out of every eight leading, peer-reviewed studies on nutrition is tied to business"

I like those odds.
steele said @ 12:35am GMT on 30th Dec
But there are also instances where they are not. Coca-Cola, for instance, has been accused of controlling study data and results for research it funded. It ultimately had the say over publication.

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