Thursday, 5 November 2020

Stanford Research Shows VR Users Can Be Identified Using Only 5 Minutes of Motion Data

quote [ Privacy in VR is an ever growing issue, especially now that all new Oculus accounts must login to Facebook with their real identity, which includes anyone who wants to use a Quest 2. Now researchers at Stanford University have shown they’re able to reliably identify individuals after only a five minute session in a standard … ]

And apparently Facebook figured this out a couple years ago.

As an aside, my roommate just got a Valve Index and I've spent the last 3 hours playing Half Life:Alyx. Insanely good. <3
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zenviper said @ 10:36am GMT on 5th Nov
Been enjoying Alyx on my index as well. Valve has done such a nice job in tweaking the game mechanics to make it so enjoyable for VR

For me it serves as a reminder how young the market is and what good things remain to come. There are very few devs that are able to release VR the way valve does.

I would also recommend trying duck season if you haven't, but not the publishers other titles which are mostly shock value, and frankly 'too scary'.
steele said @ 4:05pm GMT on 5th Nov
Duck Season, with 16.7 hours and 20/23 achievements, is definitely in my top five. I was very impressed with the simplicity of it all and yet its ability to give me nightmares is unparalleled. I even had to construct my own game save file after a weird bug made one of the cards never show up for me for some reason. The weirdness and cryptic gameplay of having to try everything despite the "straightforwardness "of the game flow... It's gorgeous. The first time I played I didn't shoot the dog and was totally confused. lol. I have heard good things about Boneworks, but haven't tried it yet.

Alyx is amazing, we're running it on a 1070 with the graphics on low and I'm still blown away. I feel kinda bad that I'm not a major gamer so I'm not completely familiar with the Half Life storyline. I beat the first game back when it first came out, but I didn't take advantage of when they had the series available for free play on steam. I'm still getting use to gripping on the knuckles. It feels weird not pushing down a specific button after years of doing just that, but I'm digging it. Weapon selection keeps throwing me off though as I accidentally hit the touchpad when I try to gravity grab something with my gun hand.
zenviper said @ 6:17pm GMT on 5th Nov
Bone works is great, but flawed imho. I put in a lot of hours because it’s a great game, BUT because they include your head in the physics model it induces motion sickness. Couple this with rag dolling during climbing segments and it gets real queasy real fast.

I liked it so much I tried to play through, maybe 2 hours at time feeling ready to lose my lunch after each session... but eventually I dreaded going back too much and never made it to the end. it’s also the only vr app I’ve felt this, so it’s not like I have a weak stomach. That said, it seems like ymmv based on reviews, but do be aware and if it hits you badly be sure to get a refund while you still can.
steele said @ 7:49pm GMT on 5th Nov
Ah, yeah, I'd heard that. That is one of the reasons I haven't played it yet. It's embarrassing, but I still get nauseous from time to time. My hope is that it's from my poor little laptop, running a 1050ti, not being able to keep things smooth enough for my brain to be comfortable. But smooth locomotion in large doses can also be something of a hassle for me. I'd had some decent results with Natural Locomotion's cell-phones-on-your-feet tech and playing Arizona Sunshine (also an awesome game) but I feel like it still needs work before I can use it for any serious amount of time.
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:11pm GMT on 5th Nov
Everyone should know not to buy a product made by Facebook, but a lot of people don't care about privacy.
Dienes said @ 3:17pm GMT on 5th Nov
A lot of people bought it well before it was purchased by Facebook, friend.
mechanical contrivance said @ 6:04pm GMT on 5th Nov
I was referring to the Quest 2, specifically. It's came out last month and requires users to be logged into Facebook to use it.
mechavolt said @ 3:59pm GMT on 5th Nov
My favorite "quick" session game right now is Until You Fall. It's a hack/slash rogue-lite, a run takes me about 30-45 minutes and I get pretty sweaty.

And no matter how many games I get, I still regularly go back to Beat Saber time and time again.
steele said @ 4:19pm GMT on 5th Nov
Hmm, looks interesting. I'll check it out the next sale.

Yeah, been playing beatsaber again. I got one of those old ass (1990s) subwoofer backpacks from ebay and that really bumps up the... immersion. Lady friend of mine says there's a couple of songs that just about bring her to her knees. Which is half the point. :D

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