Thursday, 8 October 2020

Cellmate: Male chastity gadget hack could lock users in

quote [ A security flaw in a hi-tech chastity belt for men made it possible for hackers to remotely lock all the devices in use simultaneously.

The internet-linked sheath has no manual override, so owners might have been faced with the prospect of having to use a grinder or bolt cutter to free themselves from its metal clamp. ]

Oh dear.

Woman Forced To Chase Labrador For 15 Minutes After He Refuses To Give Up Sex Toy - LADbible
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[by steele@4:15pmGMT]


biblebeltdrunk said @ 5:26pm GMT on 8th Oct [Score:5 Funny]
Denial of service attack on the internet of your thing.
arrowhen said @ 8:36am GMT on 9th Oct
cb361 said @ 8:47am GMT on 9th Oct
On a Token Cock-Ring network.
cb361 said[2] @ 8:46am GMT on 9th Oct [Score:1 Funny]
"Forced" to chase a labrador with a sex toy? I think not. It was entirely consensual. And I thought that some porn producer was finally catering to my fetish...
Marcel said @ 5:54pm GMT on 9th Oct [Score:1 Funny]
I think Mike Pence should get one so he could have private meals with female colleagues.
mechanical contrivance said @ 6:11pm GMT on 8th Oct
I can think of worse ideas than an internet connected chastity belt, but not many.
dolemite said @ 12:40am GMT on 9th Oct
It's lucky they didn't find the self-destruct code.
macst34 said @ 3:21pm GMT on 9th Oct
That's bad design. It should have a backup unlocking mechanism... Like a tsa key, but for dick cages and the female equivalent. I dunno how large the market is for chastity belts...but I imagine selling lockout keys to hospitals, courthouses, and airports might be lucrative. You can partner with the people who sell those walkthrough metal detectors.
rylex said @ 6:44pm GMT on 9th Oct
yep. in the near future, i see these being fitted on people convicted of rape
lilVISAesquire said @ 1:38am GMT on 10th Oct
Or missing your credit card payments
zarathustra said @ 4:31am GMT on 10th Oct
Or as a condition of acceptance to liberty university.
zarathustra said[1] @ 3:33am GMT on 10th Oct
(wrong place)

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