Monday, 5 October 2020

HOTorNOT shaped the social web as we know it

quote [ “The features were heavily skewed in favor of female users,” said Therianos. At the end of the day, the subscription model wouldn’t work if HOTorNOT was a bad experience for women on the Meet Me side.
After hearing about how Zuckerberg was nearly expelled for making Facemash, Hong reached out to him via email to offer help and free hosting and services (as he had done with so many others, like Twitter and YouTube). He never heard back. ]

Questionable concepts from a time when they turned out less gruesome.
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mechavolt said @ 3:24pm GMT on 6th Oct
Started reading this passively, then quickly fell down the rabbit hole. This is a fascinating article, and goes into a part of internet history that I honestly had kind of forgotten about. Definitely worth a read.

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