Monday, 5 October 2020

Exxon’s Plan for Surging Carbon Emissions Revealed in Leaked Documents

quote [ Exxon Mobil Corp. has been planning to increase annual carbon-dioxide emissions by as much as the output of the entire nation of Greece, an analysis of internal documents reviewed by Bloomberg shows, setting one of the largest corporate emitters against international efforts to slow the pace of warming. ]

To paraphrase Bender, "Have you ever tried simply turning off Fossil Fuel industry production, sitting down with their CEOs, and hitting them?"

Climate Inaction: Delays and disappointment mark two years of Colorado's clean-energy push - and these are the Democrats.

Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah – study | Environment | The Guardian
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cb361 said @ 8:27am GMT on 6th Oct
I felt a sudden, cathartic desire to listen to "Cunts are still running the world."
Centim64 said @ 9:25pm GMT on 7th Oct
With all this talk about carbon footprints, there has been a lot of progress with becoming free of fossil fuels. Sweden has a goal of becoming free of fossil fuels by 2050, which is a pretty big undertaking by itself.

Iceland on the other hand has nearly 100% of its power coming from renewable energy. With over 3/4th's of its power coming from hydroelectric plants and the rest being provided by geothermal.

Becoming less dependent on oil and natural gas is a worthy goal and the United States is falling behind other countries in this aspect.
steele said @ 8:55pm GMT on 12th Oct
donnie said[1] @ 10:49am GMT on 6th Oct [Score:-1 Boring]
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cb361 said @ 2:17pm GMT on 6th Oct [Score:0 laz0r]
All of which doesn't address the issue.

It addresses the humorous tagline, but that's not really the same thing.
donnie said @ 10:20am GMT on 7th Oct [Score:-1 Flamebait]
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lilmookieesquire said @ 5:51pm GMT on 6th Oct [Score:0 Insightful]
Oil is a valuable commodity, it shouldn’t be used for energy on a large scale, it should be used for production of goods.
Nuclear can solve the issue until we get decent solar/wind/hydro.
We can make better nuclear too.
donnie said[1] @ 10:17am GMT on 7th Oct [Score:-1 Boring]
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