Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Retry Mock Toys

quote [ How model rocket clubs and competitions became a way for students to get an early taste of outer space. ]

Flying model rockets own the sky in the backyard next to mine
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rndmnmbr said @ 12:02pm GMT on 1st Sep
So I did something that in retrospect was highly stupid but funny at the time that got me banned from model rockets in high school. It turns out a .410 shotgun shell fit down the tube of the basic rockets, so I superglued a thumbtack to the primer and loaded it instead of the parachute. When the chute charge lit, I was rewarded with rocket confetti and a very pissed off lecture from the shop teacher.

Mind you this was pre-Columbine, rural Oklahoma. The response today would be much more severe.
C18H27NO3 said @ 7:17pm GMT on 1st Sep
That's awesome. I used to build and fly model rockets, my father had shotgun shells but it never occurred to me. But then again, I was eleven or twelve.
Igor said @ 2:32am GMT on 2nd Sep
I loved model rockets when I was a kid. Some friends even took a sawhorse and we built a multi-rail launcher and used to spend hours gluing the things together, firing them, and wandering around in the woods looking for them when we didn't guess the wind right.

Good times.

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