Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Covid-19 has revealed a pre-existing pandemic of poverty that benefits the rich

quote [ Even high-income countries with ample resources have failed to seriously reduce poverty rates.
The coronavirus has merely lifted the lid off the pre-existing pandemic of poverty. ]

Another one on poverty – summarizing decades of overly optimistic views. Interestingly, this Guardian section is supported by the Gates foundation.
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Hugh E. said @ 3:41pm GMT on 14th Jul
I don't get the implication of "Interestingly, this Guardian section is supported by the Gates foundation."
steele said @ 4:01pm GMT on 14th Jul
Then you should listen to/read the Citations Needed Episodes I put in my last post.
cb361 said @ 7:33pm GMT on 14th Jul
Because Bill Gates wants to put secret microchips inside everybody during the vaccinations. And kill them with the vaccinations as well, because of overpopulation. Which all seem a bit self-defeating, but you can afford to waste money when you're that rich.
steele said @ 4:04pm GMT on 14th Jul
Another good, related episode of Citations Needed. It's no an accident that poverty was getting swept under the rug.

Episode 58: The Neoliberal Optimism Industry | by Citations Needed
cb361 said @ 7:35pm GMT on 14th Jul
I'm pretty sure that we already knew that Human society is a vile pandemic of inequality.
zenviper said @ 8:34pm GMT on 14th Jul
I love Bill Gates

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