Wednesday, 1 July 2020

R.I.P. Carl Reiner

quote [ Carl Reiner, Jewish American comedian, director, author, creator of the Dick Van Dyke Show, and longtime comedy partner of Mel Brooks, has died of natural causes at the age of 98. ]

Both of them look quite a bit like Carl Reiner
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mechanical contrivance said @ 2:03pm GMT on 2nd Jul [Score:1 Funny]
One thousand years old. Sure, I'd say that's old.
gendo666 said @ 5:29am GMT on 1st Jul
He will be missed - terribly
but I think it's good that he passed before culture fully "missed the joke"
and started even more "free-thinking" censorship.
Examples... Netflix cutting the D&D episode of Community,
Ze Germans episode of Fawlty Towers and more.
Will "The Aunt Jemima treatment" be cut out of Stripes?
and what about Blazing Saddles?
(which was also insulting the shit for brains cowpokes and stodgy judgmental townsfolk but I am sure will be "edited and curated for content" )
(It honestly reminds me of Ghost of the Grand Banks where the guy made his fortune removing the "distasteful" smoking scenes from old movies which at the time of the writing of the book was not even fully technically possible - and was the most weirdly predictive part of the yarn)

steele said @ 5:30pm GMT on 1st Jul [Score:1 Funsightful]
gendo666 said @ 7:42pm GMT on 1st Jul [Score:1 Insightful]

It really does feel like a lot of guilty white apologists are the one's who are shedding great tears... like Allison Brie and her voice acting in Bojack Horseman.
I mean I just want to get to the point where society can make racist jokes about EVERYONE (As someone of Scottish descent I can tell you that copper wire was created when 2 Scots fought over a penny). I just want the cops to stop shooting people.
Heck, I live in Toronto. The cops may be racist but that's nothing compared to how they respond if you have any mental illness.
They gun you down making "mental health visits"
I think most people just want the right to be treated equally and not in an overall shitty manner.
steele said @ 1:31am GMT on 2nd Jul
I think most people just want the right to be treated equally and not in an overall shitty manner.

I'm afraid that's not in the budget.
C18H27NO3 said[1] @ 10:09pm GMT on 2nd Jul [Score:1 Underrated]
If anybody hasn't done so, look here :

A link from the respondent in the above post.

I'm devastated.
Hugh E. said @ 10:58pm GMT on 1st Jul [Score:1 Good]
Seriously?! After 60+ years, a multi-million dollar corporation changes its logo after decades of complaints and you're worried about a joke? Did anyone ask for it to be cut?

Black people: Stop killing us with impunity.
White people: How about we remove some content.
Other white people: Nooooooooo!!!!!! Our comedies have rights!
Black people: Stop killing us with impunity.
White people: What next?!
mechanical contrivance said @ 11:43pm GMT on 1st Jul
What corporation are you talking about?
Hugh E. said @ 2:12am GMT on 2nd Jul
Black people: Stop killing us with impunity.
White people: Willfully obtuse question intended to derail the conversation.
Black people: Stop killing us with impunity.
cb361 said @ 1:11pm GMT on 2nd Jul
98 years old. I wonder if that’s old enough to be able to remember when Mel Brooks was still funny.

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