Sunday, 24 May 2020

4 hour league

quote [ 12 hours for what we will ]

Forgive the crappy English – apart from that link found in a paper everything seems to be tucked away on German Facebook, sadly.

The premise: Cut the day in half while paying full wage – like a privatized basic income. Far-fetched? Of course – but … [more]

see how
As a part-time employee I may be a bit biased here. Also, as usual: each country has differing factors on cost-of-life, social benefits and the like.
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milkman666 said @ 12:00am GMT on 25th May
We talking a 20 hour work week? Because id rather work longer shifts and have full days off than having to worry about the commute and yadda yadda.

Honestly thats something that should be an outright national goal. The population should only have to work 20 hours a week to be able to cover food, shelter, and healthcare. That's assuming we're not at that point technologically already. And after that working to reduce it even lower.

A conscripted army performs worse than a volunteer one. A conscripted workforce is the same. Using fear of homelessness, starvation, and sickness as coercion distorts the market.
arrowhen said @ 7:11am GMT on 25th May
I'd rather work 40 hours a week but get every other year off.
ubie said @ 12:44am GMT on 25th May
George Jetson has a 2 hour a week job. And a sentient robot.
ubie said @ 12:50am GMT on 25th May
Or, at worst he works has a 3 hour, 3 day work week.
Either way, better than everyone who isn't at least independently wealthy or homeless.
cb361 said @ 10:16am GMT on 25th May
Yeah, but he has a very unhealthy work environment because of his toxic boss.

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