Monday, 18 May 2020

Students Think College Board Is Running a Reddit Sting to Catch AP Test Cheaters

quote [ Conspiracy theories swirl as high-schoolers struggle with taking exams at home for the first time in history. ]

how do you do, fellow kids
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[by satanspenis666@5:21amGMT]


ubie said @ 1:42pm GMT on 18th May
No idea if there is any merit to the idea that these accounts are from 'The Man', but they're absolutely right to be suspicious.

Dienes said @ 9:40pm GMT on 18th May
Fuck exam cheaters. Fuck cheaters in general. #GottaCatchEmAll
mechanical contrivance said @ 7:58pm GMT on 19th May
I took tests at home in college. There was no cheating because these were the kind of tests that couldn't be cheated on. But I guess that's incompatible with standardized testing.

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